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Monday, October 17, 2016

New Joys Every Day

Are you joyful? I pray that you know true joy. Each season brings it's own joys. Spring brings the joy of new growth, the renewed song of the birds. Days become longer, and the warm sunshine gently touches your face. The air smells fresher, the sky is bluer, and the first flowers show their colors.

Then comes summer. Children rejoice because school is out. Swimming pools fill, families begin vacation plans, and family reunions bring the joy of renewing bond. We buy fireworks for the 4th of July. We watch parades, and have hamburgers, hot dogs, and corn on the cob. We plant gardens, we visit with the neighbors and relax on our decks and patios.

Now it is Fall. Days are cooler, and days are shorter. Flowers have bloomed their last, and the trees put on their colors. It is time for football, tail gate parties, and fire pits. Children are back in school, which brings first band concerts, Fall Harvest parties, Trick or Treat, and Pumpkin Patches!

Fall is over way too soon, and Winter is approaching. Winter is my least favorite, because I don't like cold. Of course some of you live where it is warm all year around, but some of you, like me live in cold winters. Flower beds are cleaned up, the last leaves are raked, and trees stand with bare branches. Soon snow and ice cover our lawns and streets, and all are busy getting ready for Christmas.

Christmas even though it is cold weather time, it is a joy, like no other. Christmas is my Savior's Birthday!  It was on this day God the Father sent His son to be born in human flesh, so He could live a humble, perfect life, and then die on a cross for my sins. Because I have accepted Him into my heart, I am His child. That friends, is the source of all my joys!

When I look around me, I see God's world, and that is joy, no matter the season. My joy is hard to explain, and even harder to understand, because it comes from deep within me where The Holy Spirit dwells. It does not depend on where I am, or material blessings, or the season. Whatever season I am in, I have inner joy! My joy is because Jesus loved me so much, He willingly died a horrible death in my place. 

I am quilty of sin. Because God can not look on sin, I was not fit to be in His presence. Jesus, by dying, shed
His sacrificial blood to cover my sin, so God can look on me as His child. When I accept that, joy abounds. I am a friend of God, I am loved, I am forgiven, and I am His princess! He has reserved a place in heaven for me, My name is in His book of life!  You see no matter what life on earth holds for me, I have joy!

Before I was saved, my worst fear was dying. I was terrified, because I didn't know what would happen if I died. I was terrified of hell. I thought if I was good enough, maybe I would go to heaven. That is not true. Imagine my joy, when I was saved, and I learned that, my place in heaven is secure, and it had nothing to do with good. I could never be good enough, or do works enough to get into heaven. No amount of money will pay the way. It is only through the blood of Jesus and accepting that, that I gain heaven and eternal life with Jesus.

My joy is complete. Even if I am killed, or get sick and die, My life will not be over, but just beginning.
That my friends is the ultimate joy! After all what is the worst thing that could happen? I would die, only to wake again in Jesus presence!  I have joy! I pray you do too!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Dark Days For America

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Dark Days For America: On September 11,2001, those who hate us, tried to destroy the fabric of our country. People who are willing to destroy themselves in the pro...

Dark Days For America

On September 11,2001, those who hate us, tried to destroy the fabric of our country. People who are willing to destroy themselves in the process. If you are an American, 9/11 impacted you in some way. For many in our country it was personal.

John and I had enjoyed a week with special friends in Canyon City, Colorado. It was a blessed time of beautiful weather, scenic country, and fellowship with dear people. We hated to leave, but it was time to head back home. We normally try to drive back to Omaha in one day, but when we got as far as Kearny, we decided to stop early, stay over night and finish the trip the next day!

The next morning, we had breakfast, and started on the last leg of our journey. We had not been on the interstate long, when the radio station announced that a plane had run into one tower of the World Trade
Center in NYC. As we listened, we tried to figure out how a pilot could accidentally hit a building. Before we processed that, a second plane hit the other tower!

We kept listening in unbelief. It finally became clear, these were no accidents. We stopped at the truck stop in York, and saw the first images of the horror and destruction. Even if you are thousands of miles away, it affects everyone watching! Tears ran down my face, as I tried to imagine what I was seeing.

We listened to the reports the rest of the way home. We stopped at the kennel to pick up our Samson, and talked to our friend who owns the kennel. We watched more images on his T.V. In fact we barely watched anything else for the rest of the week. After the attack, there were stories of rescue, and then recovery. There were stories of bravery, and fear, and desperation. Stories of people coming together to help others.

Then the terrorists hit the Pentagon, and another plane was hijacked. The brave people on it, took down the terrorists, and the plane crashed without hitting the target the terrorists intended. For a short time, people turned to God. They realized they needed Him. Sad to say, it did not last. Once a crisis is over, if you are not His follower all the time, the emotions fade. I am sorry for those who don't have that relationship with God all the time. They shift with every wind, they scatter when things go wrong.

Now fifteen years later, terrorists are more of a threat than ever. They have struck our country over and over, they have struck other countries too. Why do they hate? They believe we are non believers of their god. They are taught to kill and destroy those that do not accept their god, or their beliefs! Take heart! Our Lord and Savior knew these times would come! It does not take Him by surprise! He will prevail, and He will take care of those who are His children!

There will come a time, the Bible says, when every, that's every knee shall bow, and every single tongue will confess, that Jesus is Lord! For some it is too late, and for others, there is still a chance to make Him your Savior, before this world ends!  God is the ultimate winner, whether you believe in Him or not!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Apple Of God's Eye

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Apple Of God's Eye: Even if you have not met God face to face, He knows you. God planned each of us long before our parents even met. He knew us, and He planned...

Apple Of God's Eye

Even if you have not met God face to face, He knows you. God planned each of us long before our parents even met. He knew us, and He planned our lives out in detail. In this huge universe, God not only knows you, He loves you! Sometimes that is hard to understand, but that is part of who God is.

Once you meet Him, accept Him as your Savior, the Bible says we become His child. As our father, He loves you like no one else ever will. Because you were His plan before you were conceived, He has a plan for your life. What happens if we don't know Him personally and turn our lives over to Him. How does that play out before we know Him?

Since He knows the plan, our life before we know Him, is still within His control. He will work circumstances throughout our lives to line us up where we need to be. My husband John was a part of my life even though I didn't meet him until I was in my 30s. We found out after we met, that his cousin lived just down the street from me when we were still in grade school. He spent time at that cousin's house, and even came to my grade school the only year we had a fair on the playground. We also found out when I found my birth family, that he met and knew my sister and her husband when they got married. Her new sister-in-law was one of his friends.

His life and mine took many paths from those years. We had many experiences, before God brought us together. I am convinced
God had us as soul mates before we were born. Like most of us, we follow our own paths, seldom listening to what God has for us. We either don't know Him, or we just choose to do what we want. Like I said it is God's Plan, and no matter how far off we go, God can and will bring us to where He wants us.

I love being loved by God. No matter what happens in my life, I know He is in charge. I also know that whatever He has planned for me is perfect for me. He knows what I need, He knows what is best. He created every part of my being, heart, soul, brain, and spirit, so He knows what I need, even when I don't. It's like being best friends with someone. My husband and I are like that. We know what makes the other happy. We know what each thinks about things, and we know each other's heart. That's how well God knows you, quadrupled.

No matter what anyone else says about you, or thinks about you, God is your authority. Learn to know Him through His word, and walking closely with Him, and then be concerned with what He thinks. If someone hurts you, or puts you down, don't let that affect how you see you! Filter it through what Jesus says!  He will always love you better than anyone else is capable of! It took me years to believe that, because I saw me as having no worth. Those are lies God will never tell you! Repeat often.....I am His child! I am His child! I am loved!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Grandparents Long Ago

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Grandparents Long Ago: I remember my grandparents. I visited them once a month growing up. I never spent a week with them. I never spent the summer with them. They...

Grandparents Long Ago

I remember my grandparents. I visited them once a month growing up. I never spent a week with them. I never spent the summer with them. They didn't take me on trips, or to Disney World, or any where. In the days of the 40s and 50s, they were already old, before they were old. Memories are fleeting, but never the less memorable. 

My adopted Mom's parents had once lived in luxury, but when I became a part of the family, income was limited. Grandpa was tall, slightly stooped with a bad back. He had the thickest, whitest hair I have ever seen. He was ornery and liked to tease me, and yet, he would sit for hours and let me comb and pin curl his hair. He had a few pigs and chickens on his small acreage that he let me help feed when I was there. I was a city girl so that was very cool. I remember asking him once about the curl in their tails. He said, "I pin curl them every night!" Only the twinkle in his eye tipped me that he was teasing.

Grandpa had a limp, used a cane, and often had a small bottle of whiskey in his pocket. He assured the family it was strictly medicinal. I don't remember much about my grandmother. She was always sick, and she died when I wasn't too old. I do remember she had beautiful dishes, and a storeroom in the attic full of wonderful old things. My cousins and I spent many hours going through old clothes, old letters, and things I no longer remember.

It was a magical place for me. While our parents were busy talking, we were upstairs playing, and finding endless treasures packed away. Every piece of furniture was still beautiful, and would have delighted any antique dealer. Once in a while if we stayed over night, I slept in a white metal framed bed. The spokes were molded together in such a way, that parts of it looked like small skulls. Grandpa had a huge old phonograph with a horn that played old 78 records. 

The stairs up were the scariest part. They were long, narrow and steep. I was always afraid I would fall down them. Once at the top we had our choice of several bedrooms, and the storage room to play in. We dressed up in Victorian era dresses, large hats with feathers, long white gloves, and high top button shoes. We found the shoe hook, but none of us were very good at using it. We cousins had fun anyway. I wonder if they remember?

The house had a screened wrap around porch we played on, and there was a cellar door we could slid down. The cellar still had canned goods in it that friends and neighbor's and family supplied them with. It was a small, dark, damp smelling place, but we cousins did like to explore.  When Grampa died, I was in high school. Those last days of cleaning out all those treasures was a sad time I got some of the funiture, and my grandparents wedding certificate, and a wonderful rocking chair. The chair belonged to my great grandfather, who hand crafted it, and brought it with him when he immigrated from Sweden.

I am grateful God let me share this part of my growing up. These memories are treasures that were happier times. There are only a few cousins left now, and
only the memories of the things we shared. That world was a gentler, simpler time. Simple things like that still make me happiest!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Pride....Sin With Attitude!

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Pride....Sin With Attitude!: Here's the thing about pride, it is sneaky. You don't always realize you are being prideful. Pride can hide as ordinary behavior, an...

Pride....Sin With Attitude!

Here's the thing about pride, it is sneaky. You don't always realize you are being prideful. Pride can hide as ordinary behavior, and become disguised. It is often disguised as a noble deed until God unmasks my motivation and confronts me. The joy of walking with God 24/7 day after day, is that beautiful, gentle, loving nudge of instruction.

When Jesus teaches me, and the light goes on, it is truly a wonderful feeling. More often than I would like, I do things with wrong motives. I don't always see how that looks to God, until He shows me. Sometimes God uses scripture, sometimes a sermon, and sometimes the wise words of my husband John. Most recently He used our Pastor Curt's Sunday

This came out of the blue, and blind sighted me. That's usually the way it is, and why God is so precise in our training! Many heard that message, but for me it was perfect for me to hear at that time. God's ways are always individual, uniquely for our situation, perfect, and humbling. What God showed me was, I am still hanging on to a part of my past hurts. I had a verbally abusive past, and even though God has walked me through it, and I have forgiven, I am still holding a part of that hurt. It is like my badge of honor as a survivor.

I had vowed to deal with it, then leave it behind, but slowly I pulled it back out, and pridefully hung on to it. "See world....I was verbally, emotionally abused, but I am a survivor." I was proud of the pain, and the past, because it made me unique, and it was a stronghold I let lie to me about who I am. God showed me through this message, the pride that enjoys hanging on. It was my crutch. I made choices, and did wrong because of the way I was raised. That may be true, but that is not who I am. I am special and unique because God gave me life. God in me is what leads me now.

The time has come to acknowledge my stronghold, and declare it my enemy! It is never easy to admit you are full of pride. I don't like to be reminded that I have faults, and sins, but I am grateful Jesus will never leave me there. There are always new lessons to learn.

Over many years, God has used the quiet, voice of reason of my husband to show me sin I wasn't acknowledging. I used to hate that. I rebelled, I felt sorry for me. And I hated admitting I was full of pride. It does amaze me that someone who grew up with no self-confidence could still be so prideful.
Maybe because I was always put down, I developed a very protective attitude for myself. That attitude unfortunately led to pride.

Pride gave me that false sence of value. It took many years of walking with Jesus, and listening to Him to show me how convoluted my thinking had become. I have learned that when God chastises you, and you see where you fell short, and then He teaches a hard lesson, with the right path, it is freeing! It is like holding your breathe for a long time, and then breathing again!  It's refreshing, and freeing.

I hated when I found I was not as great as I thought, and my husband lovingly pointed it out. 
It made me feel so inadequate. That was the old stronghold of my past rearing it's head. I may still not like to have my faults out in front of me, but I am grateful that John holds me accountable.

The latest lesson, I thought was very unjust, but as usual, it was something I needed. I post a lot on Facebook. When John pointed that out, I was hurt, and a little angry, and a whole lot defensive. I post a lot of encouragement, prayers, and Biblical truths, so I thought that justified it. Through my husband's comments, I had to admit, if I am honest, I also do it for me. Ouch!  There was that old enemy pride again. I like having others notice my words. I like when friends agree with me. I do sometimes lose track of my real motives, and let my ego, my pride rule.

My initial motives are to minister to others, and I care so much for my friends and family, I love sharing encouragement. I can't ignore the fact that my pride is in there too. Accolades are addictive. I didn't ever have much of that in my growing up years, so a part of me believes I need that to complete my identity. Yes, God will keep working on me until I join Him. These are hard lessons sometimes, but I am loved, I am important, and I have a God and a husband who have my back!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Why Me Lord?

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Why Me Lord?: When troubles hit, are you grounded? Do you stand firm in your belief that God will take care of the problem? Most often, we stand firm for ...

Friday, August 5, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: She Danced Into My Heart!

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: She Danced Into My Heart!: I met her when she was just three years old! She was a tiny little girl with brown hair, beautiful eyes, and freckles! She melted my heart a...

She Danced Into My Heart!

I met her when she was just three years old! She was a tiny little girl with brown hair, beautiful eyes, and freckles! She melted my heart as she danced her way into my life! She was the youngest of three. I became her step Mom along with her two brothers! The boys were fun, but I loved having a little girl to shop for, to do hair for, and to teach.

Juliane was a joy as she shared the dances she learned in dance class. She loved to sing, so many times our presence was requested in the living room, to see her latest dance and singing act! Often, she would declare, "I live to dance!" She was right! She spent her growing up years dancing her way through recitals, then musicals in high school and college! She often did choreography for others, and her crowning achievement was being accepted into a program in college that took her to work at Disney World
in Orlando for a semester.

Juliane was a bright and funny child. She hated following her brothers in school. The teachers all referred to her as James and John's little sister. She often said, "I have a name!" She often hated to eat 
And often left her plate untouched. Then later she wanted a snack. We had to keep her dinner, and reheat it when that happened. She learned fast, to eat it in the first place.

One dinner time, she taught us. We had friends over, and had a picnic in our back yard. We kept urging Juli to eat, to which she said she didn't feel good. Her Dad and I just thought she was delaying eating again. We kept urging, and she tried to eat....and then she threw up. She looked at us, and said, "I told you I was sick." As a parent do you ever feel very small?

Normally we had fun as a family, going places, doing things together. One activity she had trouble with was fishing. All three kids had fishing poles, so we went to the State Lakes to fish. I brought a blanket, books, games, for Juliane and me. It went well for awhile, and then she got bored. She finally decided to pray about it. "Lord, please let us catch some fish." I think she thought if we caught fish, we could be done! After awhile, she prayed again to catch fish. Nothing happened. Finally, her little voice, quietly prayed, "Lord please let us go home now!" That was the end of her endurance for fishing.

Then one day she was grown up! She went to Cosmetology school, and became a beautician. She also graduated with a degree in the medical field. She was married, and has given us three grandsons.
She is a mom, and will soon be a very young grandma! This bright, beautiful, witty girl is still my girl! I loved having a daughter! We haven't always seen eye to eye, but the dancer, singer, actress turned Mom and wife, is still dancing through my heart, as only a daughter can!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: For My Good

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: For My Good: Someone very wise , I don't know who, said, "I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds my tomorrow." Each day...

For My Good

Someone very wise , I don't know who, said, "I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds my tomorrow." Each day is a new day, with new joys, blessings, and sorrows.  When you wake up, stretch, and put your feet on the floor, you don't know how that day will play out! Some days slide by like a hundred others, work, chores, family, friends, eating and sleeping. Nothing major happens. 

Then one day disaster strikes. Out of the blue we get blind sided. Maybe the doctor tells us we have an illness, or a family member has died. There are all kinds of struggles in our lives. We are the product of all those things that happen to us.  Why do we have to have problems in our lives? Why do we have to face physical, mental, and financial disasters?  I have been convinced that whatever we face, it is for our good.

I have had many times in my Christian walk, when I was desperate to have peace. I thought the problem would go on for ever. I prayed, I begged, I cried, and the situation did not change. It went on relentlessly with no foreseeable solution. Then one day, God moved, and things righted themselves, and the sun came out again. Why? I can honestly say that each trial was consequences of sin on my part. It was a loving Father's way to get my attention, and to teach me.

Over and over Jesus has patiently led me through some very scary things. He has each time personnally shown me my pride, or my selfishness, or my covering my sin to stay out of trouble. Each time He has answered my prayers, not according to what I wanted, but what He knew was best for me. Each answer was far better than anything I could have dreamed. From the time I was a little girl, I believed no one would love the real me. No one would love the little girl who did something wrong. So to protect that flawed image, I lied so no one would know I was weak, and made mistakes, and messed up over and over.

Jesus over 30 some years changed that. I wish I could tell you it was an easy journey, but I can't. It is never easy to be confronted with your weakness, your sin, your pride. Jesus lovingly did that for me. I am sorry to say I was a very slow learner. Over and over Jesus taught me, and set me on the right path, and through it all loved me! I have been blessed far beyond what I deserve. What I deserved was death....the death He took my place for on the cross.

Over the years I also live with chronic pain. I have cried out, "Why me, Lord?"  In love He answered, "Why not you?" Whatever I have endured, there were always rainbows after the tears. Scripture says, "Joy comes in the morning." All my walk with Jesus is a part of my story. My scars inside and out are my story. You see, He has shaped me, and changed me. Because of my story, I can reach out to others who are hurting. I can lead others to a saving relationship with Jesus, because I once was lost.

I have a calm, and a spirit that trusts my Lord with everything. It takes a lot of pressure off me, and allows me to rest in His wisdom! I know I am never alone. I have an advocate who is for me. I have joy in my spirit, even when my world is falling apart. Jesus did all that for me. I do not have this down perfect yet, and I never will until God calls me home, but I am getting better with each lesson learned!
I am grateful for every tear, every burden, every struggle, because God will use it all!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: America's Strength.....Her Spiritual Base!

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: America's Strength.....Her Spiritual Base!: An unseen predator, posing as freedom is after your marriage, your children, your schools, and your Christian values. He is lulling you into...

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Who And What Do You Fight?

Do you fight people, corrupt ideals, or a world turned upside down? Do you fight those who irritate you beyond irritation? Do you fight those who put you down every chance they get, or those who tie your stomach in knots? Maybe you fight those who you know are lost to God's message, the ones who refuse to listen. Maybe it is the daily news feeds that set you off.

The fight is beyond the world we see. It is a fight with invisible minions of Satan. He prowls around seeking to destroy God's world, and God's people. Shootings, abortion, terrorists, disrespect for authority, broken homes, abused and exploited people for money are all a sin issue. It is not about buying guns, it is not about liberals in office, and it is not about Islamic terrorists. It is about sin.

Sin is disregard for God's commands. It is thinking we know best, or deciding we don't need God. When we choose alternate "little god's" like money, power, sexual pleasures, pride, selfishness, and stuff our morals out of sight, we have stepped into Satan's world. He will welcome you in, then consume and destroy whom he will. People without Jesus have no grounding. They are left to wander with no hope, no guard rails, and no boundaries.

That is what I fight. I get so angry when a few try to make the rules that suit them. I get angry at those who use any and all means to make money at someone else's expense. That's when God reminds me over and over, they are lost. They don't know or understand, because they think they are thriving in their sin world. They don't have Jesus and His love for an anchor.

This world is falling further and further from what Jesus intended. Can you even imagine how sad He must feel. He longs for all to follow Him. Sadly He knows who will not. It may be accelerating, but it is not much different from all through the Bible. People sin and fall away, even believers. It happens over and over. What did God do? He patiently waited for them to come back to Him. He showed grace and mercy as He taught them His ways.

Never forget He will also discipline His children. God never takes sin lightly. Sooner or later all will be held accountable. God does not distinguish between small sins or big sins, or sins that destroy others, or are barely noticed. Sin is sin. Cheating on a t
est in school is no different than killing the teacher because you got an F. I still sin. I am not always at my best, but Jesus redeemed my life with His. Over the years of studying God's word and knowing Him, His Holy Spirit nudges me when I fall short.

Each day Jesus gives me new mercy and grace to deal with whatever comes. It doesn't matter if I am joyful or angry, or barely hanging on, I am in His hands. With every crisis, every pain, every sadness, God has taught me a lesson or a truth that I needed. Because of Jesus, I can be assured that no matter how bad someone is to me, or how awful our world becomes, it is in God's hands. I no longer have to be in fighting mode. It makes for a much calmer life.

One thing I will fight for, and that is My Lord and Savior Jesus. I would give my life defending His truths, and I will fight to bring the lost His message, if He wants to use me. Many are religious, but it isn't religion you need. It is a relationship with Christ. I remember those times of not loving Him, not caring about Him. I was miserable, but didn't know it. I was not wanting to let go of self. I was afraid He would make me give up all my pleasures.....those silly worldly pleasures.

That was over 30 years ago. Now I want others to see and feel God's incredible world. I want them to see His beauty so they can't resist His message of love and forgiveness. A life given to Jesus, a heart softened with His love, can not hate, can not kill, can not profit from other's misery. A life given to Jesus a life saved

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: What Would Mom Say?

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: What Would Mom Say?: Recently my husband John did a funeral for a family at our Church. That is not remarkable in itself, but what struck me was a very sweet tra...

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: What Would Mom Say?

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: What Would Mom Say?: Recently my husband John did a funeral for a family at our Church. That is not remarkable in itself, but what struck me was a very sweet tra...

Friday, June 17, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: A Molly Walk!

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: A Molly Walk!: I love walks! Sometimes my Daddy takes me, and I love being with my Daddy, but he is all, " Let's do business, Molly, so we can go ...

A Molly Walk!

I love walks! Sometimes my Daddy takes me, and I love being with my Daddy, but he is all, " Let's do business, Molly, so we can go in!" Walks with Mom are usually long. She lets me do walks my way. You see I like to take my time, I want to see and smell everything along the way!

We have three different routes. Mom knows when I like to do each, and she's O.K. With that. I love to sniff each spot on the grass. If I find a smell I like, I want to spend time there. My nose tells me who was there before. We have lots of dogs in our neighborhood so it's fun to track them.

I like to start with the friend Max's yard. Then we go up by our swimming pool. I like the big tree there. Then if I find a really great smell, I like to roll and roll around in the grass. I get my leash all tangled, but after the last roll, it seems to straighten out. I like that Mom doesn't make me stop, or move to fast. She seems to know a walk is much more than just going potty.

Some times we see neighbor's, and some times other dogs. I have my favorites, but mostly I don't like to be distracted from my walk!  There are strange things to see too. Sometimes a plastic bag will get caught in a bush, and I have to creep up on it, to protect Mom, you know! Of course my all time favorite is if a squirrel runs past me. Mom has to hang on tight, because I really want that squirrel. They always run up a tree, and then tease chatter at me. Why can't I climb trees?

Mostly I just like this time with my Mom. She is all mine on our walks. There's no vacuum, no broom, no laundry, no ironing, just walking.  Sometimes, I look up at her and stop, so she bends down and gives me loves. Sometimes she picks me up, and carries me a little. Then I am ready to go again! Thanks Mom, for making walks fun, and more than just doing my "business!"

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Why Me?

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Why Me?: Do you wonder why you are here? Maybe you wonder what significance your life has. As one who has always been insecure, it took me years to s...

Why Me?

Do you wonder why you are here? Maybe you wonder what significance your life has. As one who has always been insecure, it took me years to see my life as important. In the world, a life is deemed important by how much money you make, or what kind of car you drive, or if your clothes cost a lot. The world sees success as having wealth, prestige, and important friends. 

I grew up with money, name brand clothes, and nice houses, and new cars. I was always on the fringe of having the right friends. In a large group, I was part of the popular, the elite of the class, but on a personal level, I was not included. I wasn't witty enough, bold enough, or pretty enough. I was just me.

There were many things I loved, and wanted to pursue, but, again, I wasn't smart enough, and was very shy, so those dreams were way above me. Been there? If not, you were lucky. I was just ordinary.No one hung on my words, no one followed what I did, and no one elected me for Prom Queen. I had friends, and I did a lot of activities, but my friends were not in the popular group.

In God's realm that all changes. Before I found His world, I decided to change the one I was in. I discovered if I drank, and smoked, I fit in better. I changed my hair, wore more makeup, and found clothes that were not modest. I became outgoing, and found new friends. It was fun, but I had no purpose other than fun, and self.

After many years of wandering, and wondering what my life meant, God found me! Once I committed my life to Him, I was a new person. Total opposite from what the world said I should be. Funny thing, though, I still looked at others, who were smarter, better, and had a purpose.  I still didn't know what I was supposed to be doing for God's Kingdom. What could I offer anyone? I was a flawed, sinner, who God saved by Grace, but I didn't know what to do with it.

Slowly I realized that my story, and my talents were as important as anyone else's. Over the years, God taught me that I am special, and my ministry was to love, obey, and serve Jesus. The talents God blessed me with are unique to me, and for some people, only those talents will help them. Some ministry was for a season, then God gave me a different season. 

The biggest lesson He taught me, was that every part of my life, from insecure, to now, is usable by God. Every crisis, every pain, every melt down can be used to minister to someone else. Whether I have suffered great illnesses, my chronic pain, relationship hurts, or feeling insignificant, it all matters to God.. He can and will use it all for the good of the Kingdom. Using every piece of my past, the good, the bad, and the ugly, God has blessed me with ministry wherever I go. I am significant,and
I have a purpose! If you aren't sure who you are, and why you are where you are, give it to God, He will make something beautiful out of the ashes. He did for me, and He will for you, if you are His!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Fatherly Love

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Fatherly Love: Can I be honest with you? Last week was a personal melt down for me. I don't usually fall apart, but when I let myself get tired and run...

Fatherly Love

Can I be honest with you? Last week was a personal melt down for me. I don't usually fall apart, but when I let myself get tired and rundown, I let my own words invade my mind. I was depressed, and I never get depressed. I knew I was in trouble. I was trying to do too many things, plus take care of my husband who had surgery a month ago.

I am not telling you all this for sympathy, or to say, "poor me" but rather to show you how my Heavenly Father takes care of me! No one knows me better than He does. He knows exactly what I need in any situation, and when I need it.  Years ago God gave me a husband that usually knows what I need before I do. Much of God's wisdom goes through John. I'm still learning to listen to John.

I don't sleep well a lot of nights, and I found myself in a maze going nowhere. I was trying to be nurse, take care of the house, shopping, planting flowers, laundry, ironing. And in addition counseling at Church, mentoring, and taking a Biblical Counseling course. I found I was barely skimming the surface, not doing any chore well, and having no quiet time for Bible study, writing, or time with God! 

Last week it all crashed in on me. I called out to God, my Father and told Him I did 't know what to do. I was overwhelmed, and couldn't put two complete thoughts together, because I couldn't think! I seriously thought I was losing what gray matter I had left. I could relate to a gerbil in the little plastic ball they roll on the floor. Yes, I was a
Mess! I cried out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. On Sunday, God answered!

Our Pastor's sermon, was titled Second Wind. The first thing he said was, we need to recharge our batteries, rest, and don't give up. Life is a marathon, so we need to be fully engaged. I learned I needed to make time to be alone, quiet, and listen to the still small voice of my Father. He will show me what I need in quiet whispers. He loves me even when I don't deserve it. I need to slow down, and let God show me His provision, and His character! 

I need to do what I can, and not stress if it doesn't all get done in my time frame. When I am counseling it is so easy for me to tell others this wisdom, but hard to follow when it is me. Mostly, I need to remember it isn't all on my back, and it's not all about me.  I need to take time to breathe Him in. In life there are many things that push us to he wall, and sooner or later, we all hit the wall!

I was blessed beyond belief as I sat there with tears in my eyes. I had cried out in desperation to God. I shouted out my frustration. I told God I just needed to rest! He already knew He had His words for me through our Pastor. Don't ever tell me God doesn't answer......He has proven it to me over and over. Sometimes I had to wait and wait for the answer, sometimes He gave me something better than I asked for, and sometimes He answers almost before the words are out of my mouth! 

I love when my Father shows me what I need to know. He teaches with patience, love, and all the provision of a loving father. An encounter with Him can and will always give me the second wind I need!  When He takes care of me, then I can come alongside others for the Kingdom. My life counts for my Father, and yours does too!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: God Is Still God!

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: God Is Still God!: It doesn't matter if you believe or not. It doesn't change the fact that God is God. He is sovereign, He is omnipresent, He is omnip...

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Paws On The Bridge!

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Paws On The Bridge!: Losing a beloved pet to death is as hard as losing any other beloved family member. We have had several beloved dogs die, and it never gets ...

Monday, April 18, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: You Choose!

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: You Choose!: We do have choices, every day! When you wake up in the morning, you can choose what kind of day it's going to be. Our minds are powerful...

You Choose!

We do have choices, every day! When you wake up in the morning, you can choose what kind of day it's going to be. Our minds are powerful tools, all we have to do is learn how to be in charge of our thoughts. Sometimes it is easier to let the negative in, and allow our minds to dwell on the negative.

It takes more determination, more work to look at the positive. Like anything in life, it is a learning process. I think we humans look to the negative automatically. I don't know why we do, but that is what our minds come up with. We think we can't, we think the worst.

Whether it is our personal life, or what is going on in our country, or the world, we worry, we stress, and we believe the worst. We don't know how it will ever right itself. We don't see any solutions. A crisis hits. Our job is gone, our family is falling apart, and there are more health problems than money to fix them. Oh what to do....what to do! Right? Wrong?

There was a time, not so long ago, I stressed over a lot of things. If friends or family had a problem, I wanted to fix it. Problems in the world, Made me so angry at injustice, and any thinking different from mine made me crazy. I just felt like I had to change people's minds, to right injustice, and you, know,be Super Woman. Watching the news, listening to politicians, or reading about man's inhumanity to others, wore me out. 

God had a different plan for me. With His loving, gracious, care, He brought me to a new place. It hasn't been easy, and it certainly doesn't happen naturally. My new place is totally in His hands. Over and over He has taught me in His word, and through the Holy Spirit, that He truly does have a plan, and a purpose. I have learned to turn ALL over to Him! No matter what our country looks like, no matter what may happen, it is still all in His care! I don't have to worry about it any more!

It is very freeing, but I repeat, it isn't easy. I still have the old worrier rear her head,from time to time, and my Jesus, simply reminds me, "I have this!" It feels good to let go, and know that whatever happens, it goes through God first. He will continue to care for me, lead me, teach me, through any event in my life! I pray about all situations, I pray for our country, I pray for our next leader, and then let God do what only He can do! It feels really good not to have to stress over life. God has a plan, I trust Him!

It is my choice! I choose to trust Him totally. Each time I choose His way, I release a little more of me. When I get me out of the way, He can do amazing things. All I know is I have a peace and a calm by trusting Jesus! It didn't happen overnight, but I am so glad Jesus was patient enough to wait for me to get it! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Good Golly...Miss Molly!

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Good Golly...Miss Molly!: Bet you all thought I ran away! Nope! I just like to stay burrowed in when it is winter! Mom says when that cold air hits my nose, I just wa...

Good Golly...Miss Molly!

Bet you all thought I ran away! Nope! I just like to stay burrowed in when it is winter! Mom says when that cold air hits my nose, I just want back inside! She is right. I do not like cold, I do not like wind, and I definitely do not like snow! I guess I am a Goldilocks kind of girl. Not too hot, not too cold, just right!

Winter went by, finally, and now it is Spring. I like Spring! The sun feels good, the sky is very blue, and I can chase squirrels again! We'll sort of. I run at them, they run up a tree. I circle the tree, and bark. I can't ever get there very fast, cause Mom says she can't go that fast. I don't know why she can't run fast like me.

We had those ducks in our pool again too. They just float around and don't pay any attention to me. I try to be scary, but I guess not enough. Mom likes to watch them and take pictures of them. The best fun is seeing my friends. Max, next door is still my best bud. We don't see each other as much, cause his Mom is so busy. I love to see her too, cause she knows just how to rub a girl's ears!

I am glad the snow is gone, cause now we can go on longer walks. Do you know how much a girl can see and smell on a long walk? Lots! One time Mom fell right in the driveway. I always stay close to her, but I don't know how to help. I'm glad a neighbor came and helped, and I'm so glad she didn't get hurt. 

I still love when my Daddy gets home! I love his lap better than anything! On the days Mom and Dad stay home all day are the best! It is really hard to see them leave. They say I have my sad, "poor me," face on when they get ready. Lots of times, I stay right on the steps, and just wait. When I hear the car come home, I am so happy, all I can do is wiggle! I put my nose in the corner of the step, and whine, and whine, just cause I am so happy! Then I run up the steps, and sit on the arm of the couch, so I can give them kisses when they get up the steps! Then I run f
or the bed, and it's "belly rubs!"

Well I guess that's all for now! My life doesn't change much, but I am a lucky little girl! Oh, one thing I forgot....remember last year when Daddy had to have what they call surgery, and he was gone so long, well, Mom just said he has to have more surgery next month. I am saying my puppy prayers that it won't be as long this time! If you would think about it, maybe you could say some puppy prayers too! Thank you, and I love you all! Paws Up, and tails wagging!
Your puppy friend,

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Reality Of The Cross

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Reality Of The Cross: Jesus death on the cross was not the end, my friend! So many don't understand why this happened, or what the big deal is. Some think Jes...

Reality Of The Cross

Jesus death on the cross was not the end, my friend! So many don't understand why this happened, or what the big deal is. Some think Jesus was a nice guy, but God's son? No way! Some believe He was a prophet! The Bible lays out the sin of man and the destruction it causes. Over centuries man is inhabited with traits that lead to anger, hate, greed, murder, dishonesty, and sexual sins.

The good news is that The Bible also lays out God's plan from Genesis to Revelation in order to save man from that sin nature. God allowed us free choice from the beginning, but He also sees all, and knows what,we will choose on our own. He hates sin, all sin! He does not pick and choose, it is all equal in His site. He can not abide sin.

His plan was to have His son born on earth by a virgin. You know the story of Christmas. It was not an accident that Jesus was born in Bethlahem in a stable. It was planned. Jesus was born humbly in the lowliest of circumstances for a reason. The shepherds who were the first to see Him, were considered the lowest in the chain of jobs at the time. It was planned. By Jesus, the King born humbly, He was on our level. He was not a mighty warrior, not anything but a humble servant.

During His ministry, Jesus encountered all walks of life, from the religious leaders, to kings, to the outcasts, the disabled, and the morally bankrupt. He treated them all with love. It was God's plan that people know and feel that love. Through that love, Jesus healed the physical pains, the moral pains, and the spiritual pains. He did not play favorites. He loved everyone right where they were.

Many think the Romans killed Him. Some blame the Jews, others think nailing Him to a cross killed Him. No! He was God, He could have stopped it at any time. He did not have to suffer all the pain and humiliation, and loss of blood. He even prayed to be relieved if it was His Father's will. Yet He clearly knew this had the to
happen. It was part of the plan. He willingly died for you!

He paid the price for your sin! God sees you as clean through that blood. What can you do to get this gift? Nothing! It is free! God loves you even deep in your sin, but He offered you the gift of His son's death, and His son's blood to save you from eternal damnation. God's grace is waiting for all who accept it. 

Maybe you have never accepted that gift. You have been hurt by the Church. Maybe you see following Christ as having to give up all your fun. Maybe you feel unworthy, so you do nothing. Satan is very good at deceiving and twisting your beliefs and feelings. After all, he is the one who deceived the first man and woman. Why wouldn't he do the same to you?  

Satan will keep you in a fog as long as he can. He knows he can't defeat God, but he will try to distract you. If you don't know Jesus personally, you can accept Him today as your Savior. Accept that He is God's son. Admit He died for your sin, ask for forgiveness, and ask Him to come into your heart to live in you, and guide you! The sin He forgives is past, present, and future. Yes, you will still sin, but now you have Jesus to lead you, instruct you, and lead you into His ways. He loves you so much. 

Do you know that if, if, you had been the only person on earth, He would have died for you! Think about it. This gift of eternity in Heaven will cost you nothing, but it cost Him everything! Because Jesus died on Good Friday, we have life! It is Friday....but Sunday is coming!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Heaven....Forever Home

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Heaven....Forever Home: Do you believe in Heaven? I do! One day when I take my last breath in this world, I will take my first breath in Heaven. It is a goal worth ...

Heaven....Forever Home

Do you believe in Heaven? I do! One day when I take my last breath in this world, I will take my first breath in Heaven. It is a goal worth pursuing. We have God's own words that describe heaven. In Revelation He tells us about this future home of ours. For the first third of my life, it was a mystical place. It was a lofty dream that someone as imperfect as me could never attain.

Heaven is ideal. There are streets of pure gold. Gates with pearls and precious gems. There will be no more pain, no suffering, no tears. We will be in constant praise of our Savior, and I can only imagine how beautiful it will be. If God gave us beauty in this world of flowers, sunsets, trees, streams, don't you think His heaven will be even more beautiful?

That hope is a part of who we are as believers. How do we know without a doubt we have that hope of a future eternity?  If we have believed Jesus is God's son, if we confess our sins to Him, and if we repent, turn from those sins, and if we ask Jesus to come into our hearts to rule, then we are born in the Spirit, and we become a child of God. Jesus is the only way to eternal life in heaven. If we do all that, and develop a personal relationship with Christ, we are assured we will live in heaven when we leave earth.

That promise becomes our new life. Knowing Heaven is real, knowing it will be our home, colors everything else we do in this life. When we lose a loved one, who is also saved, we grieve their absence but we have peace in knowing we will see them again one day.  Our handling pain and tragedies are different, because we know this will pass. We have a new joy, a new outlook, and a peace in our lives that cannot be explained.

Most of all, as the world gets scarier, and evil abounds, seemingly uncontrolled, I am not afraid. I know that God will get me through whatever comes along. Because I know where I will be when I leave here, I can handle anything this world holds. The same God who gave His son to die for me, is in control of this world. Before I was a born again believer, I feared everything, ultimately because I feared death. Now I know that even the worst that could happen, losing my life, is actually gain. When Jesus calls me home, I will step into His arms, forever!  That is the ultimate prize!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Water, Boats, Ships!

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Water, Boats, Ships!: Water soothes my spirit. Not drinking water, but being on or around water. My earliest memories of water was when I lived in Colorado as a c...

Water, Boats, Ships!

Water soothes my spirit. Not drinking water, but being on or around water. My earliest memories of water was when I lived in Colorado as a child. Many drives through the mountains were along one of the many mountain streams or rivers. They always looked so cool, and bubbly and refreshing. My Dad sometimes took me along when he fished in those streams. Those were happy times.

As a teen in Iowa, we spent part of our summer at Lake Okoboji in Iowa. We boated, swam, and played on and in the water. Daddy loved boating, Mother did not. So I got to go with him every time! It didn't matter if it was a motor boat, or a row boat, it was fun. There is a feeling of peace, and being close to God when I am on the water! Perhaps that is built in, after all, Jesus started His ministry by the water. Some of His disciples were fishermen, and Jesus often went out in a boat.

Even sitting by water is one of my favorite places to be. Looking out over the water, is quiet, and trees along the shore are reflected in the gentle ripples. For me it is a place where my spirit is free of stress, free to just be a relaxed, and introverted me. I could sit and reflect on life, God, and my place in the world, all while sitting beside a lake.

I find it interesting that God gave me a water loving, Navy man as my husband. We have enjoyed swimming, fishing, and boating together. Our greatest adventure on water was when we went to Hawaii. On a cruise out to Pearl Harbor, we were two of the few who were not sea sick. It amazed me that so many do not enjoy the gentle rolling of a boat. My husband went up to where the boat was being guided through the water, and got permission as a former Navy man, to steer the boat.

Some years ago we were blessed to go on a Christian Cruise. That was a dream come true. A big ship, on the water for five days, totally surrounded by water! We stayed on the decks as often as we could, not wanting to waste a moment of the experience!  On deck, the water experience was magnified greatly! Standing by the railing watching the ship cut through the water was mesmerizing! I could stare at the exspance of water meeting horizon for hours! It was so quieting and relaxing.

It is not surprising that God created this exspance for our pleasure. There are no accidents in creation, no Big Bang. God knew exactly what He wanted our world to be. He intentionally put our world, including water together in perfect fashion. I still love being by water. Now when my husband goes fishing, I love
going along, not to fish, but to enjoy relaxing and staring at one of God's best creations!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Be Still.....Just Be Still!

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Be Still.....Just Be Still!: How many times have you heard, God will answer, just wait? How many times do you give God the problem, only to snatch it away, because you w...

Be Still.....Just Be Still!

How many times have you heard, God will answer, just wait? How many times do you give God the problem, only to snatch it away, because you were too impatient? How many times have you heard, give it to God, and let it go? If you are like me, the answer is many, many times.

As humans with skin on, living in an imperfect world, we somehow get the idea, we are experts on how things should go. Especially if the need is timely, or really great, we pray our desperate prayer, but before Fod can line up an answer, we grab the problem back, and try to figure it out ourselves. I know how hard it is to wait for God's answer.

We see only one way out of a situation, maybe two at the most. These are the obvious, human resources, that we think will work great. When we have it fixed in our mind, we pray to God to try and get Him to use our plan. I can tell you from experience, this never works. God see much more than just the immediate, so His plans are more complete and far reaching.

The part about answered prayer we don't always understand, is the waiting. Why do I have to wait? God can do anything, so why not just give it to me now? Yes, God can do anything, but His plans will always be the best for me, and I will learn from it. It goes much deeper than granting requests. God is not a magic genie. We humans make wrong choices, and then we need help. If God just gave us an easy out, we would not learn from our wrong choice!

Just because you can't see the plan unfold, it doesn't mean God is not working on your behalf. His plans require behind the scenes arranging and rearranging of circumstances. If you and I get out of the way, God will unfold it all to fall into place perfectly!  That is the hard part...getting out of the way.

As I grow older, and stay close to God, I've learned several things. There are times when God answers prayer, almost before I get the whole prayer out. Sometimes when He says no, I found out later, it was for my good. When He says wait, I have learned to trust Him. That total trust in Him is what allows me to let go, and leave it with Him.

I used to make a lot of bad choices, especially in finances. I prayed desperately for a solution, but what I was really praying for, was, no consequences. The more desperate I got for an answer, the more I took it away from God and tried to fix it myself. I made it worse. What I finally learned was to be honest with God, and realize the outcome with Him was not going to be a disaster for me. It took many years, but now, I can release all concerns to Him, and be still, and have peace.

It is like with anything else, we follow our own path, we sin, we face consequences, we learn. I have always been a slow learner! Now when I mess up, I can admit it, and take whatever God dea,s necessary to get me back on track! I am still, broken, still sin, still suffer pride, but, I am reminded sooner, that that is not the way I should continue. It has given my life clarity, simplicity, and far less anxiety! Those are never from God! 

Life on earth will never be perfect, but walk closer and closer with Jesus. Listen to Him. To listen, you have to be quiet! A friend recently shared that one day God, just shushed her, and said, just stop! Be still! Start today, to truly let Jesus take the troubles, whatever they are! He has broad shoulders, and He loves you! Follow Him! Allow Him space to make His plans work! It will take a lot of pressure off of you!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Who Is Your Master?

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Who Is Your Master?: Before I repented and allowed Jesus to lead my life, my master was Satan. Satan is real. His lies to me worked year after year. He is the ma...

Who Is Your Master?

Before I repented and allowed Jesus to lead my life, my master was Satan. Satan is real. His lies to me worked year after year. He is the master of lies and deceit. He does not care who he destroys. He ruled my life, and although I was not a bad child, I was selfish and wanted what I wanted. I never gave much thought to other people or their feelings.

I didn't know I was being lied to, I didn't know God or His word, so Satan's lies seemed normal to me. When you don't know what God says, you can't determine what is a lie and what isn't. As I grew older, I became more selfish. It didn't help that I was a spoiled only child. I was used to getting what I wanted. Satan won.

I was not nice to clerks or waitresses. I never saw them as people doing a job as best they could. It was all about me. Don't make me wait, my time is valuable. Don't think different from me, I am more important than you. I learned to lie to get out of trouble, or to avoid trouble. I never, ever took responsibility for my own actions.

When I finally met Jesus, and turned my life over to Him, He has cleaned me up, from the inside out. Jesus showed me how my temper and nasty behavior hurt others. I don't know how I became so mean, but I know Satan talked a good story and I believed him. He fed my ego, and convinced me I was really something, entitled to privileges earned from tearing others down.

Our world is in a constant battle with evil. When you follow your selfish desires, Satan wins. Never forget that Satan may win a battle, but he does not win the war! There is war all around us we can not see. Satan and his followers battle God's angels every day. It will be that way until Christ returns. Satan was God's most beautiful angel, but he wanted to be God. God kicked him out of heaven, and he has been seeking who he can devour since then.

His prideful self was his downfall. He in turn desires all of us to follow him. He knows he will be defeated at the end, so he has stepped up his program to do what damage he can. He uses our weakness as humans to try and destroy us. Part of you hates being submissive to any authority. By giving over our lives to God's authority, we defeat Satan. He hates that! He will scheme and plan anything to distract you or to take your eyes off Jesus. Once you belong to Jesus, Satan can not get that foothold. He will try, and we have to be vocal and tell him to get lost!

When I turned my life over to Jesus years ago, Satan attacked a week later. I had a massive library at home on satanism and witchcraft. God said, "Get rid of it all."  I started to gather it all to throw in the trash. God said," No! Burn it."  My husband and I started a fire in our fireplace, and started feeding it books. Most were hard bound, so it took many hours before they were destroyed. A few hours later, we started fighting and it escalated into the meanest and nastiest fight ever. We both stopped at the same time, and said "Satan!" Yes Satan was angry. I was no longer so easily managed.

If this happens in your life, just hang on. Jesus has you, and He will not let you go. Once you recognize how tricky Satan can be, you will know it's him, trying to get you to lose your focus. We are not as effective for God, when our focus is shifted. Satan knows that, and will try to trip you up. The good news don't have to let him. The more you resist him, the easier it is to see his deceit. Once you are God's, redeemed by the blood of Jesus, Satan knows he has lost you.  His only defense is to be annoying. Jesus, holding your hand, has got this!  God wins!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: The Other Victim

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: The Other Victim: It is still January, and that means Abortion awareness month. Abortion doesn't need a month, it is a top priority all year long. Those o...

The Other Victim

It is still January, and that means Abortion awareness month. Abortion doesn't need a month, it is a top priority all year long. Those of us who fight to stop this horrendous murder of innocent babies do so everyday, every year. We are aware more than one month a year. 

We all know the victims are human from conception, we know they have no choice, and we know that abortionists play on a woman's fears just to make money. We know abortionists and their clinics are never concerned with women's health. They can say it constantly, but they lie! They are self serving, only concerned with their making money.

We all know that the babies suffer and die because of greed, and inconvenience. But recently, God has directed me to think about the mothers. They, in most cases, are victims too. I know some use abortion to delete the consequences of their sin. But there are many more that are talked into killing their baby, because they do not have options explained, or are lied to.

I have a friend, who had an abortion when she was 16. Her parents didn't know how to deal with it. She was still in High School, and they truly believed this option was best. They were not bad people;she was not a bad girl. She felt deep down, it was wrong, but she trusted her parents. Even when she relives walking into the place, going down the hall to a room, and being instructed by a nurse with a no nonsence attitude, she admits she wanted to run.

Once again lies were told, abortionists portrayed the procedure as no big deal, and no other options were explored. If mothers know options, and know what to expect, and still choose to destroy a life, that is sad. For all those who are con
fused, believe the lies, and feel they truly have no options, they are also victims. With as much coverage as we see on social media, and with the crisis pregnancy centers available, there shouldn't be anyone unaware. Sadly there are still those trapped in a situation where they are perfect victims to believe the lies abortionists, and abortion clinics hand out.

My friend is maybe 40 years out from her abortion, but it haunts her every day. She has been a pro-life advocate with her town and state since. She works to inform others about what really happens inside those clinics. She credits God with redeeming her, and helping her save one life at a time. When those who profit from this murder say no one is hurt by what they do, who are they really kidding? I think themselves.

God has had me praying for the ban on abortion for a long time. Recently he has reminded me of the other victims in each situation. The mothers, the nurses, and yes even the abortionists. I have heard of nurses that help with this gruesome practice, finally reach a breaking point, and turn from this occupation. If you and I keep praying for them, God will hear, and change their hearts. The abortionists are harder to pray for. These supposedly are doctors, who took an oath to protect and preserve life. God is almighty, and He can change even those hearts. 

You may not think prayers do much, but look at the headway that has been made. Many babies have been saved through Christian crisis pregnancy clinics, when they began using ultrasound. I have heard of mothers changing their minds when they see a picture of their baby. It refutes the lie that it is just a blob of tissue, unimportant and disposable. Many of those centers have ultrasound machines because of prayer. Abortion clinics have been shut down, because of prayer, and babies have been given a chance, because of prayer.

I would ask that prayers be directed to Moms. Let them see that they are mothers, at the minute of conception. Their child becomes a living breathing human at the moment of conception. How do I know that....because God says it in His word. He created each of us. Only He can determine when we die. Yes others can take those lives, because of free choice, but is that what God has for you, for them?  I have several other friends that had abortions years ago, and the one common thread is sadness, regret, but also forgiveness by Jesus, as Lord of their lives. Do they ever forget? No. In all these dear friends I know, they are now using their experience to minister to others!  God can change a heart, and  turn what was intended for evil, into something good!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Does It Show?

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Does It Show?: There are people in my life that just amaze me. If you look at their lives, really look, what do you see? I see people who never let others ...

Does It Show?

There are people in my life that just amaze me. If you look at their lives, really look, what do you see? I see people who never let others see their pain. They continue in their jobs, take care of families, and minister to others dailey.  I see one who has been battling cancer for years. Even the ravages of chemo do not show on their face. 

Other friends walk each day with the burden of chronic pain. Whether it is arthritis. fibromyalgia, cancer, or MS, they make it through each day with a smile on their face. How do these brave people do that? I have seen others in my life that complain, and moan and groan each step of their life's journey. They want to make sure everyone knows how miserable they are. 

One group carries on, one group wants sympathy from all around them.
One group lives in spite of their problems, while the others want to carry their ills around as an excuse for everything they don't want to do. One group is concerned for others, while the other group is all for themselves.

I know this may seem harsh on my part, but I have been close to people in both groups. I have been a part of both groups. There was a time when I blamed everyone, and everything for my ills. I was mean, nasty, and felt it was my due to be pampered and coddled if I was hurting. Believe me it is not fun to be that person, or associated with that person.

The thing that stands out for me is that no matter how miserable some of these people are, they don't burden others with it. They have accepted that this is a part of their lives, and they simply do not let it determine how they will live that life.  I have learned that my chronic pain does not define me.

It is not always easy to put that pain aside, whether it is physical or mental, it can surround you in a fog of dispair until you can't think of anything else. It is easier to lash out, to hide, to play the "poor me" card. Like I said, I have been in both places. I admire those who keep on keeping on, no matter what. The other group is too hard to help, because no matter what you say or do, it is never right.

I so admire those who keep going, who reach out to others, and who do their crying in private! What makes that night and day difference? It is Jesus in a life! The pain is still there, the illness may never be cured, but the person has a relationship with Jesus, and He gets them through. Before Jesus in my life, I was the poor me. Now that Jesus rules my life, I give it to Him. Some days are very hard, and prayers are constant to make it through the day. Some days are not as bad. The prayers are still there, but also much praise.

I have found that if I focus on Jesus and on others, my pain is less! If you focus only on yourself and whatever pain you are dealing with, it makes it worse. I rely on Christ to help me through each day. Sometimes it is hanging on second by second, but He is always there. He encourages me to pray for others and to keep a smile on my face. It is very uncomfortable for family and friends to hear never ending complaints about your pain. Why? It's not that they don't love you, but that they don't know what to do to help you.

I sometimes don't think I am very brave or even have a handle on this pain thing, but when I look back on the extreme moments, I then see just what God brought me through, and I did get through.
I pray you don't have pain issues, or cancer, or extreme surgeries to get through, but if you do, I pray that you know Jesus personally, and have made Him Lord of your life. Only then can you come through with a smile on your face, thinking of other people, and going on with your life, no matter what else is in your life!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Joy Comes In The Morning

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Joy Comes In The Morning: You can learn a lot in a lifetime. I have learned that I will rise up, no matter what the pain or problems I encounter. I have learned above...

Joy Comes In The Morning

You can learn a lot in a lifetime. I have learned that I will rise up, no matter what the pain or problems I encounter. I have learned above all that without Christ leading me, living in me, I can not survive. I have a tendency to see my issues as failures. I grew up believing there was no mercy. There was only my inadequacy to blame for whatever happened. 

I always felt I was an embarrassment. I didn't belong, and even what I thought was my best was a let down for others. I was weak, flawed,  and no matter what, I couldn't see beyond my flaws. Sometimes all we are able to see is the rubble of our lives.

Because of my view, I saw myself as a detriment to ministry. I finally let God teach me, and show me that He could and would use me for His Kingdom. My flaws were what Christ saw and used to reach others who may feel the same way. My brokenness was the bridge others needed. What Jesus taught me over the years, I could use to minister to the hurting.

Christ graciously equipped me with compassion, and empathy. Now the problem with empathy is that whatever hurts others hurts me. It is hard to carry the pain of others', but that is what God has equipped me for. Sometimes, I want so much to help and make it better, I try to run ahead, and lose track of the fact that it is not me, it is Christ in me. It doesn't depend on me.

I want so badly to make everything O.K. That I falsely think it is up to me. Another thing learned, but sometimes forgotten. God is in control! I am nothing on my own, but it is Jesus in me that can help another. When I fall on my face, I need to let Him help me up! I can be there for others who have horrible problems, who are in impossible situations, but it is Jesus who can make a difference. If I give Him my broken pieces...ALL the pieces, He will make a way. He will mold me into what He wants me to be.

In some ways 2015 was a rough year, but God was always ahead of us. He already knew what was needed and He supplied in His own time, in His own way. How will I live this new year ahead? How will you? I will continue to learn at the Master's feet! The more I know Him, the more I love Him! I have learned that everything is in His mighty power to make right. I have learned that no matter what things look like, I can trust God to take care of it. I don't need to fix things. That is His job.

I can't convince others that Christ is the only way, but Christ can. I can't change the course of our country, but Christ can. I can't solve everyone's problems. I can't change the course some people take, but Christ can. Maybe you are feeling hopeless, defeated, sad, powerless, but as Jesus said to the man waiting for rescue n John 5:6, "Do you want to be well?"

As for me I will rise up and live what I believe. I will believe that with Jesus, there is hope for any situation, no matter how it looks.  I lived too long as a victim of my past.This year I will live my glorious future, whatever that looks like as one saved by God's grace. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: A Very Molly Year!

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: A Very Molly Year!: Yes, it's me, Molly! I had a super dedupper, year! Well some of it was a little scary, and weird, but it turned out O.K. I remember last...

A Very Molly Year!

Yes, it's me, Molly! I had a super dedupper, year! Well some of it was a little scary, and weird, but it turned out O.K. I remember last New Year because it was cold. I don't remember this much snow. Spring did come, and my Mom loves Spring! Except this Spring, she went to the doctor, and ended up in the hospital. I do not understand those things, but for four days it was just me and Dad. 

He bought me yummy chicken to eat, and he snuggled me when he was home. I missed Mom. Then one day, Dad called her at that place she was, and let me listen to her. He laughed, because, I couldn't figure out where she was. I could hear her, but couldn't find her. I ran around the room, but she wasn't there. I was so glad when she came home. 

Then before I Knew
it, Dad left for a long time. He had surgery, and was gone for several months! Mom came home late every night, and I was on guard to take care of her. I did get to go in the car and go see Dad when he was getting better. That was super fun. They had ice cream there, and I got my own cone!

Summer was lots of walks, and seeing ducks in our pool, and turkeys in our yard. Mom never did let me chase them. We sat outside on the porch, and on the deck. In July they have a holiday that they call 4th of July! It is lots of loud noises, and I don't like it very much! Mom had to give me pills, so I would sleep and not be so scared.

Before I knew it, the leaves started falling. When the wind blows, they chase me. I don't like that either. I do like play times with my best friend next door. That's Max! Sometimes Zoey was out too. We three have fun playing in the yard. Before long, we started having a lot of this white stuff. Mom says it is snow. I don't mind it too much, but when it's falling out of the sky, it gets in my eyes, and gets me wet. Walking in it is hard, and freezes my feet. It makes going potty really hard.

Mom and Dad were gone every night while Church had it's Christmas Pageant. I was sad, cause I like Mom and Dad to be with me. Now Christmas is over, and Mom says this is a new year. What does that mean? I just know that I am a very lucky girl, and another year is gone. This July I will be four years old!
I hope all of you had a good year, like I did. I also hope you have a very good New Year! As long as I have Mom and Dad, Max, and yummy food, my wolf, and my toys, it will be another good year for me, Molly!