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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Love Language!

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: Love Language!: How do you say I Love You? There are many ways, and each person has theirs. I have found after almost 37 years of marriage, that what the wo...

Love Language!

How do you say I Love You? There are many ways, and each person has theirs. I have found after almost 37 years of marriage, that what the world sees as love is so different than God's view. When couples first meet and fall in love, they can't stop thinking about each other. They want to always be together, and not much else matters. At that stage of love, the language is probably more lust than love.

That is normal, however, hopefully that changes to something deeper and more Christ-like. What I mean by that is following Christ's look at love in 1 Corinthians 13. As we walk through the journey of love, we learn in our youth, sadly by trial and error! We are often selfish by nature, wanting what pleases us. That love language will most likely kill a relationship.

Love ideally is kind, does not envy, is not puffed up. Love does not think evil, does not seek it's own, does not provoke. Love never fails! Love bears all things, believes all things, endures all things! When you are truly in love, forever, you will put the other person before yourself. Their comfort, their needs, their wants will matter more than your own.

Since none of us are perfect, this can be hard to do. It's about respecting who they are, loving them in spite of flaws, and remembering you have flaws too. As two people learn about each other, share good times, and bad, they begin to know their partner intimately. That means you know what they like, and you supply that when you can. You do not go out of your way to belittle them, or make them unhappy. You should be best friends! Best friends have each other's backs. They are there no matter what. They stand up for you when the world would beat you down. 

Love languages may be taking out the trash, help with the chores, or putting gas in your spouses car. It isn't all Valentine's Day romance, it is real life, every day, stuff. When my husband carries the dishes from the dining room to the kitchen after dinner, that says, "I love you." When he is working in the garage, and I take him a cup of coffee, that says, "I love you."  

It doesn't matter what it is, or how big or small, it is going out of your way to do for the other person. It is not just  about sex, it is the hugs, and held hands, and snuggling in between that say love. When I come home from work, and find my husband has a candle lit bubble bath waiting for me, and dinner started, that says love.  He worked too, and could have sat down and relaxed, but he thought of me. Too many think married love is 50/50. It is not. Married love is 100/100%. Saying I Love You is nice, but doing I Love You is better for me. 

Never be afraid to compliment your partner, build them up, and encourage them. If you always say I love you, but never show it with little things, it doesn't mean much. Anyone can say words, or even buy gifts, but selflessly doing things to brighten their day says so much more! Don't stay mad. Say you are sorry. Ask for forgiveness. Always be willing to forgive. Choose your battles carefully, and don't go to bed angry.  Those are all love languages. We each have one! Let your Valentine experience your love in your own special way!  I am more in love with my husband today than on the day I said, "I do." He is my Valentine every day of the year!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Molly Thoughts!

Yes, Molly here! Mom hasn't let me on here forever! Since the new year, we have been very busy. Oh, I know, I don't have a job or anything, but when Mom and Dad are busy, so am I. See, I like to be close to them. If they are busy going from room to room, or busy with stuff, I can't get comfy on a lap. I do not like that at all!

I like Mom and Daddy to be in the same room too! If Daddy is reading, or on the phone, and Mom is downstairs doing laundry, I don't know who to be with. I just go to the stairs, and lay down and wait for them to be in the same room again! Some days a girl just can't keep up.

Mom is doing something called counseling now too. She has some ladies come to our house, so they can talk. I have liked them, so far. They seem to like me too. I know not to interrupt, so I greet, then lay down close by and just listen.  Course my best days are when I get to see my best friend Max! I got to go to his house and play for awhile with him and Lucy. We had so much fun. Then I found his stuffed penguin and I wanted to take it home. mom said, "No, Molly."  Max's Mom, Mandy, said, "yes!" I got to keep it for a few days before I had to give it back. It had a really good squeaker!

Then one day when Mom took me out, there was a package on our door. It was for me, from Max. It was a new toy giraffe and it has a good squeaker too! I was so happy!  Now there has been snow all over outside for days and days. I don't like snow very much, cause it's cold on my feet. We haven't been for a long walk for so long. I will be very glad when it is all gone! Did I tell you I got a new harness? Daddy bought it for me. it's pink. I think it shows up really pretty out in all that white stuff!

Oh, I almost forgot, I had to go see Dr.Jodi too. I'm not sick, but I needed some shots, and my nails cut, and a city tag, whatever that is. Only problem was, Dr.Jodi wasn't there. I didn't like that very much! She's so nice, and she knows how scary Dr visits are. She makes me feel better.
Any way, I have to go back again to get a micro chip. I don't know what that is either, but Mom says it's in case I ever get lost. Just between us, I don't plan on ever getting lost! Well that's all I got for now. So glad you all are me and Mommy's friends! Talk to you again, when Mom lets me!

Bye for now,