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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dark Days For America

On September 11,2001, those who hate us, tried to destroy the fabric of our country. People who are willing to destroy themselves in the process. If you are an American, 9/11 impacted you in some way. For many in our country it was personal.

John and I had enjoyed a week with special friends in Canyon City, Colorado. It was a blessed time of beautiful weather, scenic country, and fellowship with dear people. We hated to leave, but it was time to head back home. We normally try to drive back to Omaha in one day, but when we got as far as Kearny, we decided to stop early, stay over night and finish the trip the next day!

The next morning, we had breakfast, and started on the last leg of our journey. We had not been on the interstate long, when the radio station announced that a plane had run into one tower of the World Trade
Center in NYC. As we listened, we tried to figure out how a pilot could accidentally hit a building. Before we processed that, a second plane hit the other tower!

We kept listening in unbelief. It finally became clear, these were no accidents. We stopped at the truck stop in York, and saw the first images of the horror and destruction. Even if you are thousands of miles away, it affects everyone watching! Tears ran down my face, as I tried to imagine what I was seeing.

We listened to the reports the rest of the way home. We stopped at the kennel to pick up our Samson, and talked to our friend who owns the kennel. We watched more images on his T.V. In fact we barely watched anything else for the rest of the week. After the attack, there were stories of rescue, and then recovery. There were stories of bravery, and fear, and desperation. Stories of people coming together to help others.

Then the terrorists hit the Pentagon, and another plane was hijacked. The brave people on it, took down the terrorists, and the plane crashed without hitting the target the terrorists intended. For a short time, people turned to God. They realized they needed Him. Sad to say, it did not last. Once a crisis is over, if you are not His follower all the time, the emotions fade. I am sorry for those who don't have that relationship with God all the time. They shift with every wind, they scatter when things go wrong.

Now fifteen years later, terrorists are more of a threat than ever. They have struck our country over and over, they have struck other countries too. Why do they hate? They believe we are non believers of their god. They are taught to kill and destroy those that do not accept their god, or their beliefs! Take heart! Our Lord and Savior knew these times would come! It does not take Him by surprise! He will prevail, and He will take care of those who are His children!

There will come a time, the Bible says, when every, that's every knee shall bow, and every single tongue will confess, that Jesus is Lord! For some it is too late, and for others, there is still a chance to make Him your Savior, before this world ends!  God is the ultimate winner, whether you believe in Him or not!