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Friday, June 17, 2016

A Molly Walk!

I love walks! Sometimes my Daddy takes me, and I love being with my Daddy, but he is all, " Let's do business, Molly, so we can go in!" Walks with Mom are usually long. She lets me do walks my way. You see I like to take my time, I want to see and smell everything along the way!

We have three different routes. Mom knows when I like to do each, and she's O.K. With that. I love to sniff each spot on the grass. If I find a smell I like, I want to spend time there. My nose tells me who was there before. We have lots of dogs in our neighborhood so it's fun to track them.

I like to start with the friend Max's yard. Then we go up by our swimming pool. I like the big tree there. Then if I find a really great smell, I like to roll and roll around in the grass. I get my leash all tangled, but after the last roll, it seems to straighten out. I like that Mom doesn't make me stop, or move to fast. She seems to know a walk is much more than just going potty.

Some times we see neighbor's, and some times other dogs. I have my favorites, but mostly I don't like to be distracted from my walk!  There are strange things to see too. Sometimes a plastic bag will get caught in a bush, and I have to creep up on it, to protect Mom, you know! Of course my all time favorite is if a squirrel runs past me. Mom has to hang on tight, because I really want that squirrel. They always run up a tree, and then tease chatter at me. Why can't I climb trees?

Mostly I just like this time with my Mom. She is all mine on our walks. There's no vacuum, no broom, no laundry, no ironing, just walking.  Sometimes, I look up at her and stop, so she bends down and gives me loves. Sometimes she picks me up, and carries me a little. Then I am ready to go again! Thanks Mom, for making walks fun, and more than just doing my "business!"