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Friday, January 1, 2016

A Very Molly Year!

Yes, it's me, Molly! I had a super dedupper, year! Well some of it was a little scary, and weird, but it turned out O.K. I remember last New Year because it was cold. I don't remember this much snow. Spring did come, and my Mom loves Spring! Except this Spring, she went to the doctor, and ended up in the hospital. I do not understand those things, but for four days it was just me and Dad. 

He bought me yummy chicken to eat, and he snuggled me when he was home. I missed Mom. Then one day, Dad called her at that place she was, and let me listen to her. He laughed, because, I couldn't figure out where she was. I could hear her, but couldn't find her. I ran around the room, but she wasn't there. I was so glad when she came home. 

Then before I Knew
it, Dad left for a long time. He had surgery, and was gone for several months! Mom came home late every night, and I was on guard to take care of her. I did get to go in the car and go see Dad when he was getting better. That was super fun. They had ice cream there, and I got my own cone!

Summer was lots of walks, and seeing ducks in our pool, and turkeys in our yard. Mom never did let me chase them. We sat outside on the porch, and on the deck. In July they have a holiday that they call 4th of July! It is lots of loud noises, and I don't like it very much! Mom had to give me pills, so I would sleep and not be so scared.

Before I knew it, the leaves started falling. When the wind blows, they chase me. I don't like that either. I do like play times with my best friend next door. That's Max! Sometimes Zoey was out too. We three have fun playing in the yard. Before long, we started having a lot of this white stuff. Mom says it is snow. I don't mind it too much, but when it's falling out of the sky, it gets in my eyes, and gets me wet. Walking in it is hard, and freezes my feet. It makes going potty really hard.

Mom and Dad were gone every night while Church had it's Christmas Pageant. I was sad, cause I like Mom and Dad to be with me. Now Christmas is over, and Mom says this is a new year. What does that mean? I just know that I am a very lucky girl, and another year is gone. This July I will be four years old!
I hope all of you had a good year, like I did. I also hope you have a very good New Year! As long as I have Mom and Dad, Max, and yummy food, my wolf, and my toys, it will be another good year for me, Molly!