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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Molly's World!

Hello everyone! I told Mom, I wanted to talk to my friends out there. The weather is so much nicer than Winter time! Mom says it is Spring. I like Spring. I'm just a little girl, and I don't have a lot of fur, so walking in the cold is not very nice. It has been drizzly for a few days. I don't mind too much, but really don't like rain.

You know what is fun? Chasing bunnies! Of course Mom won't let me get them, but I scare them and watch them run. Actually, I guess they hop! They are so fun to watch. Then there are birds everywhere. I know I can't get them, but I can run at them and make them fly away. Please don't think I'm mean. I am just a puppy and I just have to do those things!

Spring is nice too, because our neighbors are outside more, and my doggy friends and I can play! Max is still my best buddy. We love to chase each other, and play, and visit each other's houses. Our other next door neighbor came over the other day, and he picked me up and held me. That was a first, cause sometimes he scares me, cause he likes to tease me. He rubbed my tummy, so now I like him. 

Did I tell you my Daddy is having something called surgery on his neck. I don't know what that means, but Mom says he will get to be home with us for a couple of weeks. That makes me happy!  Mom says we have to take very good care of him. I am lucky to have a good Mom and Dad. Some doggies don't have good homes. That always makes me sad. If you have a puppy, please remember they are family. We dogs can be sad, happy, and we can be hurt. Please take care of us! You are the only family we know!

Do you know how sad we are when you go away? Mom and Daddy always say, "We will be back." Even a few minutes seems like forever. See we don't know where you went. We can't tell time, and we worry, maybe you never will come back. When my Mom and Dad leave. I follow them down the stairs step by step. I stop every other step to make sure they see me, and pet me. Sometimes, I whimper, just in case they decide to stay. That never works, but they always come back. Then I am so happy, I wiggle, and smile, and whimper again, cause I am so happy to see them!

Well, I guess that's all for now. Remember if you have a fur baby to love them, no matter what! God put us in your life, so we belong together for ever. God is so wise, and so loving, because He knew we needed each other. When my first Mom got too sick to take care of me, God knew just the new Mom and Dad for me. Their baby, Samson had just gone to the Rainbow Bridge. They were sad, and didn't want another baby yet. But God knew I needed a forever family, and they needed to fill the hole in their hearts. I was so scared, but they loved me right away! I am a very lucky dog! Well bye for now, until Mom let's me do this again! Sweet puppy dreams, and belly rubs!

One more thing I forgot to tell you. Did you know that God spelled backwards is dog! Isn't that Super  D Dooper? I think God must like doggies very much!  Please excuse me, I hit the photo of me, and accidentally hit the one of Mom and her sister. Doesn't make sense, so Mom said I had to explain the mistake. Sorry, I'm just a puppy!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Dear Jesus!

Dear Jesus,

I grew up not knowing you. Oh, I knew who you were, and I was told the stories, but you weren't really real to me! I am sorry! Easter and Christmas were about gifts, candy, and fun! That's all I knew. I never even wondered about it until I started thinking about death, and being very scared. I know that was you getting my attention. I'm sorry it took me so long.

My first memory of you was when I was four. I hated Sunday School, and always fussed about going. My parents bribed me with a puppy. The really sad thing is, from that point on I was in Church every Sunday. Through grade school, high school, college, anytime there was something going on, I was there. I didn't go for you, JESUS. I'm sorry. I went because that's just what we did, I went because of my friends, I went because I had new clothes to show off.

When I was in my 30s, I really worried I would go to hell, because I knew I was bad. I still did not know you, and all I had was Church ritual. I could not feel you close to me. I was never taught the Gospel as you lived it. I sat in the quiet and empty Catholic Church I had joined, and prayed I could be as good as Mary, so maybe...just maybe I could go to heaven! Death and hell terrified me. I'm sorry.

From that point on you started to move me closer to you and truth. You introduced me to the man I would marry, and he was a believer in you, personally. I didn't understand that then, but you kept pulling me forward. You sent us to Arizona to visit my brother and sister-in-law. She had been praying for me, because she knew I was lost. At her kitchen table, you moved me to take you as my personal Savior! She had her TV on a Christian channel. You knew I was afraid of death and eternity, so you had the speaker talk about the end times.

As he talked about what people would face in the end times, if they hadn't accepted you he also talked about those who were born again believers, and how they would be taken up into heaven with you. It was the first time I understood your Gospel message, it was the first time, I knew I wanted to be yours for ever. I prayed to receive you, to ask forgiveness, and to open my heart to you! You already know the joy I felt. You
made me into a new creation! Did I tell you Thank You?

I thank you for all you suffered for me. I thank you for bringing me to my knees, I thank you for the ultimate love you surround me with! When I think about not only suffering and dying for me, but also all the blessings, and teachings you have given me over the years, Thank You seems so insignificant. You know my heart, JESUS, so you know how much I have grown to love you! If asked to deny you, I would not! You become more important to me every day. For that I am grateful. Even in hard times and pain filled times, You are my all! For that I Thank You! I will cry today, Good Friday in memory of what you suffered for me, but Sunday is coming, and I will rejoice! I am glad you are my friend, my teacher, and my Abba Father!

Love, Your Daughter