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Monday, July 13, 2015

America's Strength.....Her Spiritual Base!

An unseen predator, posing as freedom is after your marriage, your children, your schools, and your Christian values. He is lulling you into a false security. The first settlers founded our country on those same Christian principles. Our forefathers wrote in the nation's documents, "God forbid that this generation should dissipate it."

Sad to say, we are that generation. The Constitution was written by moral people, for moral people. Maybe that's why some try so hard to keep the morality of home, family, and country at bay. Freedom today for non-believers seems to mean a license to sin. Little by little, we are allowing our government and groups to chip away at that morality.

With our silence we are allowing th enemies of indifference and the tolerance of all life styles to dictate the rules. We as Christians are told in Romans 13:1, to obey those in authority. Is that why we don't voice our objections. Not all rules of our land are morally right. Think about your ancestors. Would they have stood silently by while pre-born babies are murdered? Would they have supported laws that are twisted to accommodate same sex marriage or homosexuality? I think not!

God's word is explicit and clear on how to live morally. 1Timothy 1:8-10 says, " But we know that the law is good, if one uses it lawfully, realizing the fact that law is not made for a righteous man, but for those who are lawless and rebellious." These words are from the same God who gave us this country. The same God our money says to put our trust in.

No country has had the Christian beginning America has, and none has been as blessed by God. America's strength is in Christians who strongly stand up for the beliefs that say abortion, homosexuality, and same sex marriage are sin! Our government has made laws to accommodate those sins. We have allowed prayer and the Bible
to be taken from our schools. We have let authority replace tolerance with whatever makes you feel good. Our families, schools, and country are on the verge of destruction.

This great country may not survive if we keep on being silent. We Christians following Jesus are being moved to the back of the bus. Those standing with God don't have the same respect or rights that we are told to give others. We are called intolerant. We are told God is wrong, and we should let everyone do what is right in their mind.

Let me assure you, I am not being intolerant, I am following God's truth, not the world's. If God says it is sin then it is sin, for me and for others. When I stand against those hurting my country and the way it was intended to be, I speak Biblical truth, not my own agenda. God's one way laws were set in motion for all people, just as our Constitution did. Our Country was founded on what is morally right. Those are  God's principles whether you choose to believe it or not!  America's spiritual base will keep her strong, if we put them back in place!