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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Good Golly...Miss Molly!

Bet you all thought I ran away! Nope! I just like to stay burrowed in when it is winter! Mom says when that cold air hits my nose, I just want back inside! She is right. I do not like cold, I do not like wind, and I definitely do not like snow! I guess I am a Goldilocks kind of girl. Not too hot, not too cold, just right!

Winter went by, finally, and now it is Spring. I like Spring! The sun feels good, the sky is very blue, and I can chase squirrels again! We'll sort of. I run at them, they run up a tree. I circle the tree, and bark. I can't ever get there very fast, cause Mom says she can't go that fast. I don't know why she can't run fast like me.

We had those ducks in our pool again too. They just float around and don't pay any attention to me. I try to be scary, but I guess not enough. Mom likes to watch them and take pictures of them. The best fun is seeing my friends. Max, next door is still my best bud. We don't see each other as much, cause his Mom is so busy. I love to see her too, cause she knows just how to rub a girl's ears!

I am glad the snow is gone, cause now we can go on longer walks. Do you know how much a girl can see and smell on a long walk? Lots! One time Mom fell right in the driveway. I always stay close to her, but I don't know how to help. I'm glad a neighbor came and helped, and I'm so glad she didn't get hurt. 

I still love when my Daddy gets home! I love his lap better than anything! On the days Mom and Dad stay home all day are the best! It is really hard to see them leave. They say I have my sad, "poor me," face on when they get ready. Lots of times, I stay right on the steps, and just wait. When I hear the car come home, I am so happy, all I can do is wiggle! I put my nose in the corner of the step, and whine, and whine, just cause I am so happy! Then I run up the steps, and sit on the arm of the couch, so I can give them kisses when they get up the steps! Then I run f
or the bed, and it's "belly rubs!"

Well I guess that's all for now! My life doesn't change much, but I am a lucky little girl! Oh, one thing I forgot....remember last year when Daddy had to have what they call surgery, and he was gone so long, well, Mom just said he has to have more surgery next month. I am saying my puppy prayers that it won't be as long this time! If you would think about it, maybe you could say some puppy prayers too! Thank you, and I love you all! Paws Up, and tails wagging!
Your puppy friend,