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Monday, April 18, 2016

You Choose!

We do have choices, every day! When you wake up in the morning, you can choose what kind of day it's going to be. Our minds are powerful tools, all we have to do is learn how to be in charge of our thoughts. Sometimes it is easier to let the negative in, and allow our minds to dwell on the negative.

It takes more determination, more work to look at the positive. Like anything in life, it is a learning process. I think we humans look to the negative automatically. I don't know why we do, but that is what our minds come up with. We think we can't, we think the worst.

Whether it is our personal life, or what is going on in our country, or the world, we worry, we stress, and we believe the worst. We don't know how it will ever right itself. We don't see any solutions. A crisis hits. Our job is gone, our family is falling apart, and there are more health problems than money to fix them. Oh what to do....what to do! Right? Wrong?

There was a time, not so long ago, I stressed over a lot of things. If friends or family had a problem, I wanted to fix it. Problems in the world, Made me so angry at injustice, and any thinking different from mine made me crazy. I just felt like I had to change people's minds, to right injustice, and you, know,be Super Woman. Watching the news, listening to politicians, or reading about man's inhumanity to others, wore me out. 

God had a different plan for me. With His loving, gracious, care, He brought me to a new place. It hasn't been easy, and it certainly doesn't happen naturally. My new place is totally in His hands. Over and over He has taught me in His word, and through the Holy Spirit, that He truly does have a plan, and a purpose. I have learned to turn ALL over to Him! No matter what our country looks like, no matter what may happen, it is still all in His care! I don't have to worry about it any more!

It is very freeing, but I repeat, it isn't easy. I still have the old worrier rear her head,from time to time, and my Jesus, simply reminds me, "I have this!" It feels good to let go, and know that whatever happens, it goes through God first. He will continue to care for me, lead me, teach me, through any event in my life! I pray about all situations, I pray for our country, I pray for our next leader, and then let God do what only He can do! It feels really good not to have to stress over life. God has a plan, I trust Him!

It is my choice! I choose to trust Him totally. Each time I choose His way, I release a little more of me. When I get me out of the way, He can do amazing things. All I know is I have a peace and a calm by trusting Jesus! It didn't happen overnight, but I am so glad Jesus was patient enough to wait for me to get it!