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Friday, January 22, 2016

The Other Victim

It is still January, and that means Abortion awareness month. Abortion doesn't need a month, it is a top priority all year long. Those of us who fight to stop this horrendous murder of innocent babies do so everyday, every year. We are aware more than one month a year. 

We all know the victims are human from conception, we know they have no choice, and we know that abortionists play on a woman's fears just to make money. We know abortionists and their clinics are never concerned with women's health. They can say it constantly, but they lie! They are self serving, only concerned with their making money.

We all know that the babies suffer and die because of greed, and inconvenience. But recently, God has directed me to think about the mothers. They, in most cases, are victims too. I know some use abortion to delete the consequences of their sin. But there are many more that are talked into killing their baby, because they do not have options explained, or are lied to.

I have a friend, who had an abortion when she was 16. Her parents didn't know how to deal with it. She was still in High School, and they truly believed this option was best. They were not bad people;she was not a bad girl. She felt deep down, it was wrong, but she trusted her parents. Even when she relives walking into the place, going down the hall to a room, and being instructed by a nurse with a no nonsence attitude, she admits she wanted to run.

Once again lies were told, abortionists portrayed the procedure as no big deal, and no other options were explored. If mothers know options, and know what to expect, and still choose to destroy a life, that is sad. For all those who are con
fused, believe the lies, and feel they truly have no options, they are also victims. With as much coverage as we see on social media, and with the crisis pregnancy centers available, there shouldn't be anyone unaware. Sadly there are still those trapped in a situation where they are perfect victims to believe the lies abortionists, and abortion clinics hand out.

My friend is maybe 40 years out from her abortion, but it haunts her every day. She has been a pro-life advocate with her town and state since. She works to inform others about what really happens inside those clinics. She credits God with redeeming her, and helping her save one life at a time. When those who profit from this murder say no one is hurt by what they do, who are they really kidding? I think themselves.

God has had me praying for the ban on abortion for a long time. Recently he has reminded me of the other victims in each situation. The mothers, the nurses, and yes even the abortionists. I have heard of nurses that help with this gruesome practice, finally reach a breaking point, and turn from this occupation. If you and I keep praying for them, God will hear, and change their hearts. The abortionists are harder to pray for. These supposedly are doctors, who took an oath to protect and preserve life. God is almighty, and He can change even those hearts. 

You may not think prayers do much, but look at the headway that has been made. Many babies have been saved through Christian crisis pregnancy clinics, when they began using ultrasound. I have heard of mothers changing their minds when they see a picture of their baby. It refutes the lie that it is just a blob of tissue, unimportant and disposable. Many of those centers have ultrasound machines because of prayer. Abortion clinics have been shut down, because of prayer, and babies have been given a chance, because of prayer.

I would ask that prayers be directed to Moms. Let them see that they are mothers, at the minute of conception. Their child becomes a living breathing human at the moment of conception. How do I know that....because God says it in His word. He created each of us. Only He can determine when we die. Yes others can take those lives, because of free choice, but is that what God has for you, for them?  I have several other friends that had abortions years ago, and the one common thread is sadness, regret, but also forgiveness by Jesus, as Lord of their lives. Do they ever forget? No. In all these dear friends I know, they are now using their experience to minister to others!  God can change a heart, and  turn what was intended for evil, into something good!