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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: For My Good

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: For My Good: Someone very wise , I don't know who, said, "I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds my tomorrow." Each day...

For My Good

Someone very wise , I don't know who, said, "I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds my tomorrow." Each day is a new day, with new joys, blessings, and sorrows.  When you wake up, stretch, and put your feet on the floor, you don't know how that day will play out! Some days slide by like a hundred others, work, chores, family, friends, eating and sleeping. Nothing major happens. 

Then one day disaster strikes. Out of the blue we get blind sided. Maybe the doctor tells us we have an illness, or a family member has died. There are all kinds of struggles in our lives. We are the product of all those things that happen to us.  Why do we have to have problems in our lives? Why do we have to face physical, mental, and financial disasters?  I have been convinced that whatever we face, it is for our good.

I have had many times in my Christian walk, when I was desperate to have peace. I thought the problem would go on for ever. I prayed, I begged, I cried, and the situation did not change. It went on relentlessly with no foreseeable solution. Then one day, God moved, and things righted themselves, and the sun came out again. Why? I can honestly say that each trial was consequences of sin on my part. It was a loving Father's way to get my attention, and to teach me.

Over and over Jesus has patiently led me through some very scary things. He has each time personnally shown me my pride, or my selfishness, or my covering my sin to stay out of trouble. Each time He has answered my prayers, not according to what I wanted, but what He knew was best for me. Each answer was far better than anything I could have dreamed. From the time I was a little girl, I believed no one would love the real me. No one would love the little girl who did something wrong. So to protect that flawed image, I lied so no one would know I was weak, and made mistakes, and messed up over and over.

Jesus over 30 some years changed that. I wish I could tell you it was an easy journey, but I can't. It is never easy to be confronted with your weakness, your sin, your pride. Jesus lovingly did that for me. I am sorry to say I was a very slow learner. Over and over Jesus taught me, and set me on the right path, and through it all loved me! I have been blessed far beyond what I deserve. What I deserved was death....the death He took my place for on the cross.

Over the years I also live with chronic pain. I have cried out, "Why me, Lord?"  In love He answered, "Why not you?" Whatever I have endured, there were always rainbows after the tears. Scripture says, "Joy comes in the morning." All my walk with Jesus is a part of my story. My scars inside and out are my story. You see, He has shaped me, and changed me. Because of my story, I can reach out to others who are hurting. I can lead others to a saving relationship with Jesus, because I once was lost.

I have a calm, and a spirit that trusts my Lord with everything. It takes a lot of pressure off me, and allows me to rest in His wisdom! I know I am never alone. I have an advocate who is for me. I have joy in my spirit, even when my world is falling apart. Jesus did all that for me. I do not have this down perfect yet, and I never will until God calls me home, but I am getting better with each lesson learned!
I am grateful for every tear, every burden, every struggle, because God will use it all!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: America's Strength.....Her Spiritual Base!

Carolyn McBreen Gibbs Blog: America's Strength.....Her Spiritual Base!: An unseen predator, posing as freedom is after your marriage, your children, your schools, and your Christian values. He is lulling you into...

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Who And What Do You Fight?

Do you fight people, corrupt ideals, or a world turned upside down? Do you fight those who irritate you beyond irritation? Do you fight those who put you down every chance they get, or those who tie your stomach in knots? Maybe you fight those who you know are lost to God's message, the ones who refuse to listen. Maybe it is the daily news feeds that set you off.

The fight is beyond the world we see. It is a fight with invisible minions of Satan. He prowls around seeking to destroy God's world, and God's people. Shootings, abortion, terrorists, disrespect for authority, broken homes, abused and exploited people for money are all a sin issue. It is not about buying guns, it is not about liberals in office, and it is not about Islamic terrorists. It is about sin.

Sin is disregard for God's commands. It is thinking we know best, or deciding we don't need God. When we choose alternate "little god's" like money, power, sexual pleasures, pride, selfishness, and stuff our morals out of sight, we have stepped into Satan's world. He will welcome you in, then consume and destroy whom he will. People without Jesus have no grounding. They are left to wander with no hope, no guard rails, and no boundaries.

That is what I fight. I get so angry when a few try to make the rules that suit them. I get angry at those who use any and all means to make money at someone else's expense. That's when God reminds me over and over, they are lost. They don't know or understand, because they think they are thriving in their sin world. They don't have Jesus and His love for an anchor.

This world is falling further and further from what Jesus intended. Can you even imagine how sad He must feel. He longs for all to follow Him. Sadly He knows who will not. It may be accelerating, but it is not much different from all through the Bible. People sin and fall away, even believers. It happens over and over. What did God do? He patiently waited for them to come back to Him. He showed grace and mercy as He taught them His ways.

Never forget He will also discipline His children. God never takes sin lightly. Sooner or later all will be held accountable. God does not distinguish between small sins or big sins, or sins that destroy others, or are barely noticed. Sin is sin. Cheating on a t
est in school is no different than killing the teacher because you got an F. I still sin. I am not always at my best, but Jesus redeemed my life with His. Over the years of studying God's word and knowing Him, His Holy Spirit nudges me when I fall short.

Each day Jesus gives me new mercy and grace to deal with whatever comes. It doesn't matter if I am joyful or angry, or barely hanging on, I am in His hands. With every crisis, every pain, every sadness, God has taught me a lesson or a truth that I needed. Because of Jesus, I can be assured that no matter how bad someone is to me, or how awful our world becomes, it is in God's hands. I no longer have to be in fighting mode. It makes for a much calmer life.

One thing I will fight for, and that is My Lord and Savior Jesus. I would give my life defending His truths, and I will fight to bring the lost His message, if He wants to use me. Many are religious, but it isn't religion you need. It is a relationship with Christ. I remember those times of not loving Him, not caring about Him. I was miserable, but didn't know it. I was not wanting to let go of self. I was afraid He would make me give up all my pleasures.....those silly worldly pleasures.

That was over 30 years ago. Now I want others to see and feel God's incredible world. I want them to see His beauty so they can't resist His message of love and forgiveness. A life given to Jesus, a heart softened with His love, can not hate, can not kill, can not profit from other's misery. A life given to Jesus a life saved