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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Reality Of The Cross

Jesus death on the cross was not the end, my friend! So many don't understand why this happened, or what the big deal is. Some think Jesus was a nice guy, but God's son? No way! Some believe He was a prophet! The Bible lays out the sin of man and the destruction it causes. Over centuries man is inhabited with traits that lead to anger, hate, greed, murder, dishonesty, and sexual sins.

The good news is that The Bible also lays out God's plan from Genesis to Revelation in order to save man from that sin nature. God allowed us free choice from the beginning, but He also sees all, and knows what,we will choose on our own. He hates sin, all sin! He does not pick and choose, it is all equal in His site. He can not abide sin.

His plan was to have His son born on earth by a virgin. You know the story of Christmas. It was not an accident that Jesus was born in Bethlahem in a stable. It was planned. Jesus was born humbly in the lowliest of circumstances for a reason. The shepherds who were the first to see Him, were considered the lowest in the chain of jobs at the time. It was planned. By Jesus, the King born humbly, He was on our level. He was not a mighty warrior, not anything but a humble servant.

During His ministry, Jesus encountered all walks of life, from the religious leaders, to kings, to the outcasts, the disabled, and the morally bankrupt. He treated them all with love. It was God's plan that people know and feel that love. Through that love, Jesus healed the physical pains, the moral pains, and the spiritual pains. He did not play favorites. He loved everyone right where they were.

Many think the Romans killed Him. Some blame the Jews, others think nailing Him to a cross killed Him. No! He was God, He could have stopped it at any time. He did not have to suffer all the pain and humiliation, and loss of blood. He even prayed to be relieved if it was His Father's will. Yet He clearly knew this had the to
happen. It was part of the plan. He willingly died for you!

He paid the price for your sin! God sees you as clean through that blood. What can you do to get this gift? Nothing! It is free! God loves you even deep in your sin, but He offered you the gift of His son's death, and His son's blood to save you from eternal damnation. God's grace is waiting for all who accept it. 

Maybe you have never accepted that gift. You have been hurt by the Church. Maybe you see following Christ as having to give up all your fun. Maybe you feel unworthy, so you do nothing. Satan is very good at deceiving and twisting your beliefs and feelings. After all, he is the one who deceived the first man and woman. Why wouldn't he do the same to you?  

Satan will keep you in a fog as long as he can. He knows he can't defeat God, but he will try to distract you. If you don't know Jesus personally, you can accept Him today as your Savior. Accept that He is God's son. Admit He died for your sin, ask for forgiveness, and ask Him to come into your heart to live in you, and guide you! The sin He forgives is past, present, and future. Yes, you will still sin, but now you have Jesus to lead you, instruct you, and lead you into His ways. He loves you so much. 

Do you know that if, if, you had been the only person on earth, He would have died for you! Think about it. This gift of eternity in Heaven will cost you nothing, but it cost Him everything! Because Jesus died on Good Friday, we have life! It is Friday....but Sunday is coming!