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Friday, August 5, 2016

She Danced Into My Heart!

I met her when she was just three years old! She was a tiny little girl with brown hair, beautiful eyes, and freckles! She melted my heart as she danced her way into my life! She was the youngest of three. I became her step Mom along with her two brothers! The boys were fun, but I loved having a little girl to shop for, to do hair for, and to teach.

Juliane was a joy as she shared the dances she learned in dance class. She loved to sing, so many times our presence was requested in the living room, to see her latest dance and singing act! Often, she would declare, "I live to dance!" She was right! She spent her growing up years dancing her way through recitals, then musicals in high school and college! She often did choreography for others, and her crowning achievement was being accepted into a program in college that took her to work at Disney World
in Orlando for a semester.

Juliane was a bright and funny child. She hated following her brothers in school. The teachers all referred to her as James and John's little sister. She often said, "I have a name!" She often hated to eat 
And often left her plate untouched. Then later she wanted a snack. We had to keep her dinner, and reheat it when that happened. She learned fast, to eat it in the first place.

One dinner time, she taught us. We had friends over, and had a picnic in our back yard. We kept urging Juli to eat, to which she said she didn't feel good. Her Dad and I just thought she was delaying eating again. We kept urging, and she tried to eat....and then she threw up. She looked at us, and said, "I told you I was sick." As a parent do you ever feel very small?

Normally we had fun as a family, going places, doing things together. One activity she had trouble with was fishing. All three kids had fishing poles, so we went to the State Lakes to fish. I brought a blanket, books, games, for Juliane and me. It went well for awhile, and then she got bored. She finally decided to pray about it. "Lord, please let us catch some fish." I think she thought if we caught fish, we could be done! After awhile, she prayed again to catch fish. Nothing happened. Finally, her little voice, quietly prayed, "Lord please let us go home now!" That was the end of her endurance for fishing.

Then one day she was grown up! She went to Cosmetology school, and became a beautician. She also graduated with a degree in the medical field. She was married, and has given us three grandsons.
She is a mom, and will soon be a very young grandma! This bright, beautiful, witty girl is still my girl! I loved having a daughter! We haven't always seen eye to eye, but the dancer, singer, actress turned Mom and wife, is still dancing through my heart, as only a daughter can!