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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow...Cold....Then And Now!

Snow then was magical, beautiful, and totally fun for a three year old. I don't know when I first saw snow, but we lived in Colorado. We were not far from the foot of a mountain range, so when there was snow there, there was snow everywhere. I remember being bundled up and going up the mountain pass with my Daddy. He had a red plaid wool jacket, and I had a blue snowsuit. We sometimes went up the mountain just to look around, at Christmas we cut our own tree, and sometimes it was deer season. In my own yard, I learned to make snow angels, and go sledding. I remember especially one Christmas Eve. We went to midnight Church services, and when we came out it had begun to snow. It was so quiet, and the flakes glistened against the street lights. I remember looking up, and sticking my tongue out to let the flakes melt in my mouth. Eating fresh snow was a favorite when it first snowed. If anyone ever worried about chemicals in it, no one said anything.

When we moved to Sioux city, Iowa when I was six, the alley behind our house was a two block long gradual hill. It was flat at our end and gradually got steeper at the other end. My Dad would pull my sled up the hill, then let me slide to the bottom. I remember he repeated that over and over. As I got older, my friends and I pulled our own sleds up the hill for the exciting ride down! Another great activity was building a snow fort, or an igloo. We spent hours building and pretending all sorts of things. We all had snow pants, snow jackets. Hats, boots, and mittens. If it was really cold we were so bundled up, we could hardly move, but we played outside in the snow, until we were totally frozen. Once inside, I remember warming my hands and toes on the heat registers on the floors in our house. Sometimes, Mom would start the oven, and I  could
sit in front of the open door until I was warm. We never missed school because of snow, and we never stayed in because it was cold. Our Dads shoveled snow with a shovel, and went to work, no matter how much snow, or frigid temperatures there were.

Fast forward to today. The snow itself is still beautiful, and still glistens and sparkles, but most of us only enjoy that from the inside looking out. Now when it is frigid, snowy, windy, schools close, while snowblowers make Dads jobs easier. You may see kids sledding in some areas, but seldom in their neighborhoods. You don't see snow forts, or snowmen, or children playing outside at every opportunity. Do kids today build snowmen, and get buttons, scarves, carrots, and yes, even coal for the eyes mouth, and noses. We found sticks for arms, and maybe even an old hat for our snow friend.
Snow for me now is something I hate to be out in. I hate being bundled up, and I find it much harder, the older I get to see God's beauty in a snowflake......just sayin'. I walk our Molly, but even she hates getting her feet in the snow.  Isn't it funny how snow perspective in the 40s and 50s was a winter wonderland, and in 2014, I just pray it melts soon. Snow then was a happy time, snow now, not so much!