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Friday, January 17, 2014

Molly's Move!

Molly here! Well guess what? We moved. I can't believe it, and I really don't know for sure what moving is. Well, I know sort of. Like moving is scary for a puppy. There were boxes everywhere. The rooms I knew were topsy turvy. I couldn't find all my toys, and Mom was so busy, we didn't get to go out side for very long. That was all bad enough, but then there were the trips in the car. Other people I didn't know were packing our stuff in boxes, and baskets, and bags, oh, my! Then all those things were loaded in our cars and their truck, and taken to a whole new place. The only times I have gone in the car was to my doctor, Jodi, or to get my nails trimmed. This was a long ride, and I was scared.

I went with Mom in her car, but I had to be really good, so she could drive. I sat on the seat for awhile, but the best place was in Mom's lap. Once I sat on the stuff in the back seat, but I couldn't see out. I don't know how many times we did this, but I got very tired. At the new place we had to take everything out of the cars. The first time there was no furniture, so I had no place to lay down. Then a big truck and two guys came to the old place, took our furniture to the new place,
and there was all my stuff to sit on. I have lots more room to run and play, and a big back yard with lots of trees. I think I like it here, but I miss my friends.

I met the lady next door, and her fur baby Max. There is another fur baby across the stree. Her name is Misty. One day Mom took me for a walk around the neighborhood. I liked that a lot. All our stuff is the same, but in different places. Mom and Dad are still taking things out of the garage and trying to find a place for them. One really good thing is....the sun comes through the windows and there are warm patches for me to lay in. I like the sun. It's O.K. If Mom is too busy to play, if I can lay in the warm sun!

Daddy is closer to work now, so I get to have more time with him, and that's good too. I finally found all my blankets and my toys, so that's a good thing. We have two levels here, so I have to go up and down stairs. That's O.K. I'm never sure what's down there, so I go to where the railing starts, peak around the railing, just to make sure it is safe. If I sit on the steps to wait for Dad to come upstairs, he laughs at the way I sit. I put my bottom on one step and then my front feet on the next step. I can't help it, I never had steps before. I think I like it. At least everything is here, no more car trips, and Mom, Dad, and me are all together. Moving is really different, and puts you and your stuff in a whole new place....I did not see that coming! It's home now.....and I do have my sun patches. I'm a happy girl!