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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Patches Of Sunlight!

Molly here, again! I love my new house! At first it was a little scary, cause I had lots of extra rooms to explore, but now it's pretty O.K. One thing I know os that the downstairs is still a bit mysterious. When I get half way down the stairs, the wall ends, and there is an open railing. You just never know what might be lurking down there. I always stop, look into the room from the stairs, just to make sure it's all O.K. Mom thinks that's so cute. Well a girl has to be careful. Then there is another room down there that's a desk and bookcases....lots of book cases. Mom says it's an office for ministry work. I guess I don't do that.  In the family room, which includes me, there is Dad's chair. I run to it and wait for him to come and sit down, then we can snuggle.

Some days, Mom is up and down the stairs, and I get very tired keeping up. I just get settled, and she goes to a different room. I follow, get settled, and then guess what? yup, she goes somewhere else. It just wears me out. One thing I did discover, is sun patches! These are really a good thing. In the bedroom, I can lay on the bed and the sun comes in right where I am. In the living room the sun comes in first over by the end of the couch.  Then it moves a little, so I follow it. Then it moves again to the other side of the room, and I follow. Then it goes away. I don't like that very much. Downstairs, it shines on the rug in the middle of the floor. Sun patches are so warm and cheery. They make me happy.

Some days I can't find my patches, and Mom says, "No sun today, Molly." I don't understand that, but at least they are there sometimes. At our other home, the sun patches only hit the top of the couch, but never the floor, so this is all new. Sun makes Mom happy too. She says it makes it warmer outside, and that soon, when it warms up even more, we can go for longer walks. I know sun makes me very happy. As soon as I get this done, I think I will go back and soak up more of that sunny, cheery, warm spot....unless Mom moves again. Then I will have to find one of the other spots. Don't Move, MOM....I like this one best!