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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lost But Not Forever!

I have been lost many times. The dictionary defines lost as "Not knowing where you are, or how to get where you want to go."  When I was in college in Lincoln, a friend and I decided to go to Omaha to shop. I had only been there once, and I wasn't driving. I still don't know where we were going, but we drove the interstate and various other streets over and over, for several hours. The more we drove, the more we got lost, confused, and frustrated. We finally stopped, and got directions, and I guess we found where we were going, but by then I'm not sure we cared.  My husband John can go to most any town or city, and instinctually find where he needs to be. I on the other hand get lost first, ask directions, and eventually find my destination. We were on a trip to Phoenix and decided to  rent a car to go see John's brother in Tucson. John had directions from his brother so when we got into town, John handed me the map so I could read off the street names on the directions as we came to them. John said the first street name, and I said, " No, we aren't there yet." John said another street. I said, " No, we aren't there yet." Finally John took the map from me, looked at it, and turned it right side up. So you see, even a map is of little help to me!

There is another layer of lost. The dictionary again says ruined or destroyed. lacking in assurance and self-confidence. That was me for many years, lost in my sin. I was always at Church, I heard the Bible stories, but I did not understand. I was so lost in my own world of fun and personal pleasure, I did not have a clue who Jesus really was. I was blinded by wanting things, and trying anything I thought would make me happy. I had no hope, I had no idea that life could be any different. I was so lost, I didn't know I was lost. I remember sitting in my Church, St. Patrick's one day before Mass. I was starting to think about life after death and the thought of dying was terrifying. I did not know you could be certain of Heaven, so eternity was scary. I knew I was a bad person, so I knew I probably had little chance of Heaven. I just remember thinking as I sat in the quiet, stain glass sanctuary, gazing at the statue of Mary, " If I could just be as good as you Mary, MAYBE, I could go to Heaven. That was a sad, sad time in my life. I felt so alone, so unloved, and so scared. No one should ever feel that lost, separated from a loving Father God!

On the other side of that time, I was saved. Again  Webster
says save is to keep safe, to keep from being lost. God knew that is what I needed. He was about to bring my future husband into my life. Through him, I would once again travel to Tucson and finally end the lostness by coming to know Jesus Christ. Again through fear of the unknown eternity, God showed me how to become His child. I learned I could be forgiven of all that sin I had carried for so long. I learned that if I repented and turned from that sin, and accepted Jesus free gift of salvation, I could know with no doubt that I would be in Heaven when I leave this world. To save means to redeem, to deliver, to preserve, and to rescue. That is what Jesus did for me on the cross. His blood paid for all my wrong. It should have been me....but He said, I will pay the price for you!  I still stumble and fall, but Jesus delivers me, He picks me up, He stands beside me. I am no longer lost. He is my hope, and my salvation! He can be yours too....all you have to do is ask for directions. He loves you, and even if you are lost, He knows exactly where you are!