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Friday, January 3, 2014

More From Molly

Molly here. It appears I had a big brother named Samson. He was a Fox Terrier like me, but he was bigger. I saw pictures of him, and sometimes when Mom walks me she cries a little. I figure he was pretty special. All I know is what I've heard, cause I wasn't in my fur ever home yet when he was. Mom and Dad say I'm just like him someways, and then again I am most definitely me. Samson loved to take long walks, and see his four legged friends. Then he got older and older, and I guess he fell down a lot. I wish I could have met him, cause he sounds nice. Everyone here where we live liked him a lot.

Samson liked the 4th of July. He didn't mind the noises, and he liked to look at the colors in the sky. I wasn't scared either last year, but I was too busy seeing our friends to watch the sky. Only four of his four legged friends are still here. We all like each other. Then I have new friends too. Anyway, Samson had cool toys too, and I get to play with them now. I don't mind not having my own new toys, but I did get a new chew stick, and Greenies to chew. I also love his blanket. It was his favorite, because it is the same color as us, and it is super soft and snuggly. We both also love to burrow under the covers, and sleep there. When Samson got really old, he didn't do that any more, he couldn't get up on the bed without help, and Mom said he spilled his food dish when he tried to eat. He was 17 years old. Mom and Dad were very sad, but they knew it was time. My brother could not keep going, so he left them and went to The Rainbow Bridge. I don't know where that is, or how you get there, but it seems to make things better.

Samson was a great ball player. Soccer was his favorite. I still have his ball. If Dad kicked the ball to him, he nosed it back again, and was a very good player. I'm not so good, but Dad bought me my very own tennis balls. I'm really good with tennis balls. My brother also was good at catching toys thrown to him. Dad says I'm good at that too. I can jump up in the air and catch my football and my elephant. Samson liked car rides too. I don't get to go much, but it's fun to look out the windows. Sometimes it is scary, cause I don't know where I'm going.

Yup, I do wish I had known Samson. I do know one thing.....Mom and Dad love me just as much. They say I was God's gift, because they were sad when Samson had to leave. I am happy that they don't want me to be just like him. They let me be me, and I am a very good girl. If I ever have to go to that Rainbow Bridge, then I guess I'll see you there, big bother. Till then, I'll take care of Mom and Dad for you!