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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Molly's Memoir!

Molly May...that's me! We fur babies can look back on our year too. mine was quite exciting. I of course was a baby puppy for awhile, then  a nice lady brought me home. After some months, I don't know how many, she got very sick. She had family come and take care of her and me, but she just got sicker. When I tried to snuggle on her lap, it hurt her, so I had to stay away. I'm a girl that loves laps, and snuggles, and kisses, so that made me very sad. God knew I needed a new home, and friends of my first Mom also knew my fur ever Mom and Dad. They knew that their fur baby, Samson, was old, and he died. They told everyone, we should match up, and we did.  One day, my first Mom's niece came over and got me, put me in her car, along with my kennel. I was scared, cause I didn't know where I was going. We got to a big building and she got me out of the car on my leash. Two humans I had never seen before came out of the building and seemed excited to see me.

I sniffed at them, and they seemed O.K. I heard them say, "She's perfect!" The car left, and I was alone with them. We went in the building, down a long hallway, and into their apartment. They let me look around, and sniff, and try to figure this out. There were kisses, hugs, and laps just for me! They fed me, took me outside, and gave me toys. I think this is a good thing. I met a lot of nice people, and their fur babies, and everyone was so nice. I get to play, have treats, and lots of love. Then my new Daddy went away one morning. I was so sad. Eventually I learned he went to do his Church work, and he always comes back home. Now when I see him drive up I run to our door. mom lets me out, but I have to sit by our door until he comes around the corner. Then Mom says, "O.K. You can go." Then I run to him and jump because I'm so happy.

A few months after I got here, our friends down the hall got a new puppy too. He was very little, but I loved him a lot. We played and played, but I got a little rough, so we had to stop playing so much. His name was Rufus, and he was a miniature Yorkie. I also have my friends, Cricket, Tia, Barley, Peanut, George, and Winnie. Poor little Rufus died last week. We were all sad, but he joined his brother and sister at the Rainbow Bridge. His Mom and Dad will get a new baby Yorkie in a few weeks. His name is Elroy. I can't wait to meet him.  Summer was so fun, we stayed outside with friends every night, and went for walks, and I dug holes, and found sticks. I love sticks! 

I do not like winter! When it is snowy, it freezes my feet. I run out, potty really quick, and run back to the door. When the snow melts, and it gets warmer, then I'm happy. I have lots of toys that I like. My elephant sounds like an elephant when you bite the right spot. My football is fun to chase, as long as Dad throws it(we laugh when Mom throws it!) My favorites are my rawhide chewy stick, and my wolf. My wolf reminds me of Rufus, and he's my nighttime snuggle toy. When it's time to sleep, I put my mouth on his nose, and both paws around him, to hold him close.  I love my life here in my fur ever home. I love my Mom and Dad, and all my friends. It was a sad, then happy year for me, but I am happy, happy, happy to be right here. Happy (fur) New Year!