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Monday, January 6, 2014

Jesus Fixes Broken Hearts!

Have you noticed that the Bible is filled with broken, crushed, and bruised people. Yes there are people who rejoice in God's love, and are filled with praise and joy of The Lord, but the majority however, have broken lives that need God to make the difference. From the Old Testament we have seen Moses, David, Daniel, Job, and many others suffer with problems, illness, and deadly situations. In each case, God was there. He saved them, He helped them resolve each issue. If we never had a problem, we would not realize our great need for God, and we would not have a chance to learn the lessons only God can teach.

The New Testament begins with troubles for Baby Jesus. The King Herrod did not want a King of the Jews to be his competition, so he tries to find Him and kill Him. God did not allow that. When Jesus was grown, His cousin is beheaded, and from that point on, Jesus begins His ministry. What we see are many people who needed healing,  needed love, needed to learn about God's love. Broken, crushed, and bruised people. As Jesus ministered throughout, He dealt with people with unlimited love, compassion, and yet He sometimes told them things they didn't want to hear.  After Jesus death and resurrection, there were those who continued His ministry. They did not have an easy time. They faced people who wouldn't listen, they were jailed, they were stoned, and crucified. 

Broken, crushed, bruised people who have a personal connection with God through Jesus saving Grace have something others do not. Before I was saved, and started following Jesus, when I was broken, and bruised, I did not have any hope of a solution, or relief except myself. I muddled through things, made really bad choices to try and feel better, but it never quite worked. I may have felt better for awhile, but it was not the same peace I have now. It is hard to explain, unless you have a relationship with God, but even in the really bad situations, there is a calm. You know that you can give it to Jesus, and He will not only help you, but He holds you up, He supports you, and He loves you enough to teach you through the trauma.

If we look at the entire  Bible, there are far more ordinary, hurting people, than those with no problems. 
Clearly that is God's message, over and over, that we in our broken, bruised, human form, imperfect, and needy, can not do things on our own. We need God, we need the gift of Salvation provided by Him through His Son Jesus, and we need to cling to Him when we have a problem! I learned some time ago, that when I lean on Him, no matter how hard life can be, I can just stop, and praise His name, thank Him for all He does, and slowly, I am learning to give it up to Him, totally, and let Him fix whatever is broken, crushed, and bruised! He will always be there.....He will never leave you, nor disappoint you!