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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Letting Go!

Hands off! Let it go! Do we really understand what that means, and why is it easier to say than to do? For those of us who have a personal relationship with Jesus, have learned in our walk with Him, to pray for what we need, and then release it to Him. So hard for humans!

We pray, we know God hears, we have learned He can do all things, yet, we give problems and concerns to Him only to snatch them back again. Then we pray some more, give it back to Him, only to take it back again. And so it goes!

As I walk longer with Jesus, as I get to know Him and His word more, the easier it gets to let go. Am I there totally, of course not! I still have skin on, and that makes me imperfect on my own. God has shown me over and over that He can do the impossible, and He alone knows the plans He has for me! I know that on one level, yet get in a hurry, and want to fix it myself!

When I do that, I have taken it out of His hands, and tried human ways to fix the problem. It never really works well. On the other hand, when I do release the problem to God, and let it go, He not only answers, but another piece of my life's puzzle falls into place! He has proven His plans are far above mine, and they are perfect for me, and my situation.

I have also learned, that even when I try to help God, no doubt, He smiles, as a loving Father would, and reroutes me to the right path, so in the end, His plan is once again in place. Each time, He patiently, teaches me lessons I need to learn. The answers and the lessons are nothing I deserve. His Grace, and Mercy are over and above what I merit as a sinner.

Walking with Jesus is the greatest adventure and journey I have ever experienced. Along the path, I go off on "Bunny Trails" and I sin, and fall short of the goal, but He is merciful and just, and brings me back to the trail. Why would He invest a lifetime, and eternity time on me? Because He loves me! Since I asked Him into my heart, and gave my life to Him, He forgives me. He loved me so much, He died for me...Me! If I had been the only human on earth, He still would have died on a cross, and risen from the grave, just for me. That my friends is huge! 

Now, if I remember that, stay in His word, and talk to Him in prayer, I should be able to let go.Even when I don't, I am assured that He continues to love me, and He will always answer when I go to Him. It may be yes, right away, which is awesome, it may be no, because He has a better plan, or it may be wait. That of course is the hard one, at which point, we want to take it back to hurry up the outcome. He asks us to wAit,
because the timing is not right for us or the situation. Take heart, dear one....God is listening! Take hope....and Let Go!