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Saturday, November 15, 2014

I Wonder!

Sometimes my brain goes weird places. Do you often wonder about things? I sometimes think I am the only one who's thoughts take me to wonder about things. At times I not only wonder, I also try to imagine "what if."  I'm watching it snow at the moment. As I look at the gray sky with small, lazy flakes drifting down, I wonder what it's like way above the clouds. Not just the altitude where planes fly, but way up beyond. 

This time of year with Christmas trees for sale, I always feel sorry for the trees. Do trees have feelings? That's probably silly, but I told you my mind was weird! They are a living thing, until they are cut down. That is the end of their life. I guess in my mind I could see them as happy as they grow bigger, and then it ends so abruptly.

I wonder too about birds and squirrels. They have feathers and fur for insulation, but I can't imagine what it is like to be out in the cold and snow of Nebraska, with no leaves to cover the nests. I know God made them with natural protection if they are going to go through cold and snow, but I try to imagine how they must feel.

I wonder what our dog really thinks when we go out the door, leaving her all alone. Does she worry that we are never coming back? Is she heartbroken, afraid?  What goes through her mind when she knows she did wrong? All we have to do is raise one finger, and say," Molly, What did you do?" She hangs her head, and looks really sad. She has a very expressive face, but I really wonder what she is thinking.

Most of all, I think about God working in so many people's lives, and I does He do that? Thinking about how mighty, how wonderful, how omnipresent He is really blows my mind!  He knows every name, He knows every thought, and He has a plan for each of us. When you put our feeble little minds on that, it is of course impossible to fathom!

Sometimes in a group of people, in Church, or at a restaurant, or store, I watch people. God gave me a reliable inner sense about people. He also gave me sympathy, compassion, and empathy. I look at their faces, and see pain, worry, and concerns. Some look so sad, it hurts my heart. I wonder what they are dealing with. Then there are those that are just unhappy. I wonder why, and just want to help.

I wonder about people who have no family, no home, and no hope. What thoughts do they have? How did they get to that place in their lives?  The absolute biggest thing I wonder is, if someone asked
me to deny Jesus Christ, or I brave? In the world we live in, I wonder that more and more. I wonder how well I would hold up, tortured for my beliefs, or if one of my loved ones was threatened. I wonder if I would be brave and courageous? Much as I love my family, I would choose Jesus! I I that strong, that brave?  I Wonder!