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Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Turkey Day Birth!

71 years ago, on Thanksgiving Day, I was born. No doubt I disrupted Thanksgiving dinner, because I was born at 12:45 p.m. There were seven brothers and sisters, our Mom, and Grandma. Things were difficult during that war year of 1943. Raising seven children alone, and another on the way had to have been difficult. Immanuel Deaconess Organization was helping with food and clothes, Mom worked, but it was never enough.

The agencies that were helping stepped in and decided my mother did not need another mouth to feed. They urged adoption, she said no. They kept urging, she said no. Finally they said, " If you do not give her up, we will take the other children."  Devastated, no one to advise her, my Mom finally agreed. In those days, mother and baby were not seperated when adoption was the option. I was with her for 10 days, and she nursed me. She had already changed her mind. "We will keep her, and we will manage somehow,"she said. Grandma agreed, and said, "She is a little doll!"

When she told them she changed her mind, they said no, and reminded her of their threat. After 10 days, I was transferred to Immanuel Hospital, and from there sent to Immanuel Deaconess Children's Home in North Omaha. I would stay there only two blocks from my home, for a year, before being adopted. My mother went home empty arms, empty heart, and shut herself in her room for two weeks. My brothers and sisters were told I had died. Knowing now what I know, my Mom was not only sad, but felt so much quilt that she had somehow failed me. The little pink knit sweater and hat my sisters bought with their babysitting money was put away, and eventually was used on their dolls.

Fast forward to 2000. Armed with only a last name, I tried to search for my family. Lutheran Family Services had the records, but the cost of searching was too much. Two individual friends from John's (my husband) had met and married. We all reconnected at Church. God's plan! She  asked what information I had, and I told her I was baby eight, and the last name was McBreen. Her eyes opened wide, and Paula said, " My brother in California married a McBreen from Omaha. Her sister-in-law sort of remembered there had been another baby, and put us in touch with her oldest brother Bill. Over many family pictures, He said, " You look just like our mother." Armed with dates and names, Lutheran Family Services agreed to open the files, and confirm or deny. It was my family. They sent all the records, and all the conversations recorded, that I have shared in this text.

I went from a lonely, only child to one with brothers and sister, nieces and nephews! They have all embraced me, loved me, and accepted me as their own! God did this all! His plan, His execution, His timing! My mother was a believer, she is with Jesus, along with Grandma! At the end of her life, she asked one of my brothers, "Find her!" He had no idea where to start, but Jesus did, and He answered my Mom's prayer! Thanksgiving will always be special because that day in 1943 started my incredible journey. I am so Thankful to my Mom, for being who she was, and thankful that this "Turkey Birthday girl", will see her when our address in Heaven is the same! After seeing Jesus face to face, I want to walk into my Mom's arms, and greet her for the second time! Mom all your children are home!