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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Molly's Eye View!

I am Molly and I am two years old. I know in dog years, I am a big girl, and not a baby. I just wanted to use Mom's Blog spot to talk to you humans about us doggies. Most of our friends have dogs, so I know you really love fur babies, but there might be a few things you don't know about us. When we come to you, we are so happy to be a part of your pack.   Once we leave our fur Moms, it is a little scary, so when you give is a home, for us it is forever!

We are very smart, and we want to learn so we make you happy. But please remember, we are still babies, and we sometimes make mistakes. If you hit us, or are mean to us, you scare us, and then we make more mistakes. We don't mean to make you mad, but we don't always understand. For we littler dogs, lots of things can be scary, so we need you to speak calmly and touch us, or even hold us, so we know it's O.K. 

Just like humans, we are all different, and we like different things. My brother Samson was never scared of thunder or fireworks. He liked to watch fireworks. Me....not so brave. This year Mom and Dad could tell I was worried, and scared, so they stayed home with me, and they gave me a pill to help me relax and sleep. They didn't expect me to be just like Samson. Samson liked doggy treats, but I don't. At first Mom kept buying what he liked for me, but then she knew I wasn't going to eat them. My Mom and Dad are good that way.

Another thing, you have to remember is, that new things, things we don't know can be very scary to us. Dad brought home a big round thing tonight. It bounced, but not like a ball, it sort of floated, and I didn't know what it was. I was afraid, and Mom said that was O.K. Dad said it was a balloon, and when they knew I was scared, they let it go outside. Yes, they are good that way.  I know that when they leave, they will be back, even if it sometimes feels like forever. I know that if I get sick, we go see Dr. Jodie , and when I am hungry, I eat all I want. I have toys, a soft blanket, and I sleep with Mom and Dad. I know they are my forever family, no matter what!

When my brother Samson was old, he knew they would take care of him and not dump him, or put him to sleep, just cause it was easy. Mom took care of him, when he got so old, he could hardly walk. She lifted him onto the bed and off when he couldn't do it any more. She held him up when he pottied. She picked him up when he fell, and never, ever left him alone for very long. He was not in pain, he ate well, he just was very old. At the very end, when Mom and Dad knew he could go no more, they held him in his blanket, while Dr. Jodie gave him a sleepy shot. He quietly went to the Rainbow Bridge from their arms. I know that they will do all of that for me too. They make sure I am not worried or scared, or hungry, or in danger. They are my forever, and ever, and ever family. Just wanted you all to know what every fur baby drams of, and when we find it, we will make you happy in every way we know how! Please, please remember, that if you take us home, take care of us, don't hurt us, or starve us, or abandon us. We love you unconditionally, and you are our family!