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Saturday, August 9, 2014

my Anchor In Any Storm!

The Anchor Holds sung by Ray Boltz has always been a favorite. A former pastor at our church sang it too, and blessed many. The words have been brought home to me many times in the last few weeks, so that tells me maybe others need this reminder. It all started when we went to our Cross Roads Banquet for our Church. We are a group who care and minister to others through, Bible Study, counceling, encouragement and caring ministries. We each have our area, but we are a group that ministers together. At the Banquet, our leader emphasized Joshua 1. We were encouraged to be strong, be courageous. We were reminded that just as an anchor holds a ship steadfast, we too need to hold to God's word to keep from drifting. An anchor is heavy, attached to a chain or rope, and to lift or lower it, takes combined efforts of many. The anchor rests on the bed of the ocean or river to prevent the craft from drifting. An anchor can be permanent or temporary. A permanent anchor creates a mooring and is rarely moved. The anchor either hooks into the sea bed or rests on it by sheer mass.

An anchor has to hold in all weather including severe storms. As the song says, "The anchor holds, though the ship is battered. The anchor holds in spite of the storm."  What all this says to me is it is in those storms, God has proven His love for me. It is through those storms I find answers. God's appearance in our life should encourage us with faith and hope. If we are anchored by Him, we can learn to treasure the experiences of His faithful and tender care. I have recently had extreme physical pain to deal with. It seems that every day is as bad as the next, and where there are usually days of
reprieve, there is none. I cry out, I pray, and God is not taking it away just yet. Perhaps I need to learn something, or perhaps someone else needs to benefit from my trial. Whatever the reason, God is my anchor! He is all sufficient!

In Joshua 1:9, the people were instructed to build a monument at the site where God delivered them in crisis. I too will build a monument to God as a reminder of His healing touch and His faithfulness.i don't know what my monument will look like for sure, but His works are worthy of rememberance.Mine will be showing others the way through the storms by my actions. It will also be the picture in my mind, of my husband, holding my hand and praying for healing for me. I will raise up praises as a monument to God, my Anchor who brings me through dangers, sadness, and fear, pain, and illness! When waves of pain wash over me, when I am exhausted from fighting it, when I feel frustrated and alone, my Anchor holds!  And when I can't hang on another Anchor helps me and keeps me from drifting away! "The Anchor holds though the ship is battered!  My anchor never lets