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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Best Friend!

Tomorrow I will have been married to my best friend for 37 years!  At this time in our life together, we think simultaneous, and we even have common aches and pains! We have built a love and a friendship out of pain, disappointment, sad times, and hooray times! A marriage is like that. It starts out with stars in your eyes, and dreams.     
Reality is, hard work, and lots of compromise! 

John has super patience. When we met and married, I had no relationship with Jesus. I struggled a lot letting John be the head of our house. I thought I knew better, and he always proved me wrong. I struggled with honor and obey. I was fine, if we were thinking alike, but if he wanted something different, I was not too agreeable.

Once I found God, and began a relationship with Jesus, that slowly changed. Through all my silliness, John stayed loyal, and even refrained from saying, "Told you so!" I can not count how many times he had to forgive my arrogance, self-centeredness, and mistakes. Did, he get mad? Yes, when he needed to, but it never has lasted too long. Amazingly he loves me as I am.

He always takes care of me, and makes me feel special. Because of my upbringing, I felt like I had to hide the real me, so he would still love me. He has helped me see that I don't need to do that. Over the years, he has been generous with his time. I am blessed with a husband that would rather be with me than the guys. Over the years he has surprised me with making dinners, having a candlelit bath ready for me when I came home from work, and with dinners out. 

We have come to realize, God made us perfect for each other. God knew I needed to be pushed in directions I didn't want to go. He knew I needed lots of love, and someone I could have fun with. John is all that! He always has my back!  Even when he hurts or doesn't feel good, he is more concerned about me! He is never too busy to talk. We have never run out of things to talk about.

His humor is one of a kind! We have laughed a lot and often in 37 years! We see humor in weird things, but there is comfort in being a little weird together. As I write this, John is making a shelf with legs to fit in our closet, so I have more room for shoes and purses. Most of all, he is my spiritual leader. He guides our home toward Jesus, and praying together is a huge blessing. He has been there in all my writing and has had to go out of his way sometimes, when there were computer glitches, and I had a deadline. He gives of himself to so many, but I am grateful, he puts me first!

I can't imagine life without you John! I love you with all my heard, and many, many, times more than when we began this journey! I am grateful for your love, your guidance, and your care! We are or in Heaven!