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Friday, September 4, 2015

Culturally Right Or God Right?

Culture says almost anything is right. If it makes money, or if it feels good, do it! It doesn't matter what the consequences are to others or to you. God and the Bible are behind the times. It may have applied in the past, but not today! After all, we know what's best for us.....right?

How should we discern right from wrong?
 First we have to acknowledge God and His word are still relevant today. It doesn't matter what our culture says. When we see our world openly practicing evil, we see a world that is lost. When wrong becomes right, it reveals evil in the hearts of the lost.

It is God who sees our heart. God searches our heart. If our heart chooses to believe lies, our heart will tell us lies. When our society allows wrong to become right, it dares God to send judgment. I often look at the news of the day. It reports crimes against others, floods, storms, terrorist attacks, and I wonder.... Is this God's judgment?

It appears things are getting worse in our culture. Evil is running rampant, and yet so many don't understand God's judgment or His ways. You see, we serve a God who is just, full of Grace and Mercy. He gives people chance after chance to repent of their sin, and accept Him as the ruler of their life. Eventually God comes to a point when He gives you over to your sin.

Doing evil and applauding the evil one are the same, both are sin. Following selfish desires instead of God, is allowing our wrong to become our right which results in rejecting God. When a people reject God, a people have fallen. Will you stand for God, or for the approval of other people? There is no in between. If you are luke warm, God will spit you out as He says in Revaluation to one of the seven Churches.

God created you. He knows you. He loves you. Are you His child? Some believe we are all God's children, but that is a lie.  God's Children, have experienced a new birth. They have accepted Him as their Savior, turned from their sin, and let Him have control of all their life. Our society today, on the other side, are trying to eliminate Him  totally. So if you are for God and what is truly right, don't agree with world's view of right. Don't try to appease the wrong, and don't minimize the wrong. If God says it is is wrong!

Stand for what's right. Warn our culture. Embrace and declare Biblical values. Be strong and stand on the truth. Be at peace and do right. Share Christ with others. We Christians can make a difference, one person at a time! Pray for those who are lost in this worldly maze of the new right. Once you were on that side of the fence. By praying and sharing you can be a light in the dark.

When a society continually chooses wrong, their moral compass becomes skewed. What once was right no longer has any affect when it becomes wrong. For so many they no longer see wrong. Everything is good. It is time to raise up an army of believers who aren't afraid o speak truth into others. We can no longer sit back and pretend it's O.K. It isn't!  If we don't speak out, who will?

Don't apologize, and don't be intimidated. When you are
called judgmental, remember the accuser is judging you!  You are speaking up for what is right in God's eyes. Only God is the ultimate and final judge!