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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Molly Thoughts!

Yes, Molly here! Mom hasn't let me on here forever! Since the new year, we have been very busy. Oh, I know, I don't have a job or anything, but when Mom and Dad are busy, so am I. See, I like to be close to them. If they are busy going from room to room, or busy with stuff, I can't get comfy on a lap. I do not like that at all!

I like Mom and Daddy to be in the same room too! If Daddy is reading, or on the phone, and Mom is downstairs doing laundry, I don't know who to be with. I just go to the stairs, and lay down and wait for them to be in the same room again! Some days a girl just can't keep up.

Mom is doing something called counseling now too. She has some ladies come to our house, so they can talk. I have liked them, so far. They seem to like me too. I know not to interrupt, so I greet, then lay down close by and just listen.  Course my best days are when I get to see my best friend Max! I got to go to his house and play for awhile with him and Lucy. We had so much fun. Then I found his stuffed penguin and I wanted to take it home. mom said, "No, Molly."  Max's Mom, Mandy, said, "yes!" I got to keep it for a few days before I had to give it back. It had a really good squeaker!

Then one day when Mom took me out, there was a package on our door. It was for me, from Max. It was a new toy giraffe and it has a good squeaker too! I was so happy!  Now there has been snow all over outside for days and days. I don't like snow very much, cause it's cold on my feet. We haven't been for a long walk for so long. I will be very glad when it is all gone! Did I tell you I got a new harness? Daddy bought it for me. it's pink. I think it shows up really pretty out in all that white stuff!

Oh, I almost forgot, I had to go see Dr.Jodi too. I'm not sick, but I needed some shots, and my nails cut, and a city tag, whatever that is. Only problem was, Dr.Jodi wasn't there. I didn't like that very much! She's so nice, and she knows how scary Dr visits are. She makes me feel better.
Any way, I have to go back again to get a micro chip. I don't know what that is either, but Mom says it's in case I ever get lost. Just between us, I don't plan on ever getting lost! Well that's all I got for now. So glad you all are me and Mommy's friends! Talk to you again, when Mom lets me!

Bye for now,