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Friday, January 23, 2015

I Am His!

We are His people. You and I are examples of what God can do with a life totally yielded to Him. Notice I said totally. A partial yielding is no yielding at all. If we are going to claim JESUS as our Savior, we become sons and daughters of the King! That means our lives are yielded to Him, to do His will. Whatever choices we make, Christ is living in us. If we are yielded, others can see JESUS, and tap into that.

Because we are fearfully and wonderfully made, we were a part of His plan before we were reality. We have a duty to live our lives for Him, so others can benefit. Out there in the world we are being watched. If I don't know your JESUS, will you tell me? Even if I am not open, will you try to reach me? If I see you living in the world, doing as the world does, how do I know your God is right? 

If I have a problem and you turn away, why should I believe God is love? I am your neighbor, your friend, your co-worker. I am the grocery store cashier you look right past. I am the waitress who serves you. When you get angry and blame me for being too slow, or forgetting your coffee, you don't show me Christ's love. Do you know how my day has been? As a child of Jesus, do you care?

I watch Christians, but what they say doesn't always match what they do. When I see you praising Jesus with your mouth on Sunday, then see you using the same mouth out in the world to curse others, how can I believe you? When I see you do as the world does, then tell me lying and cheating is sin, how can I believe you? If you are unfaithful and put unclean things in your mind, but never miss Church, what should I think?

If your God is only convenient on Sunday, how can I accept that He is merciful and full of love? I might want to accept your JESUS for myself, but if He has so little effect on what you do, how can I believe?
If He is not totally your Savior, how can I want Him as mine? I watch you quoting scripture, praying, and worshipping, and you seem sincere. Then I see the shows you watch, the anger you display, and the worldly things that seem more important to you than God. 

I am confused. If God is love, joy, patience, grace, and mercy, and your very best friend, why don't I see it? I know you say you love Him. I know you try to follow Him totally. I also know you have skin on, just like me. I think I will follow Christ, accept His free gift of salvation for me. I think I will always be a sinner, but I will be a forgiven one. You did show me something, in between the lines, I caught glimpses of Jesus.

I have decided to accept your Jesus as my Jesus. I will commit to living for the King. I am going to let Jesus lead in all my life every day. I will totally yield to Him, but I can't do that by myself. I will fall away, just like you have done, because I am human. I can only live for Him with His help 24/7. I will yield so someone else will watch, someone else will see a glimpse of Jesus and believe!