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Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Molly Christmas!

It's me Molly, again! I am really liking this Christmas stuff. I know we had it last year too, but I was still a baby, and I don't remember it much! Today we sat in our family  room
 with a fire in the fireplace! I like watching it, but when it pops, it scares me a little. Mom decorated here too, and I like it cause Mom says it is for Jesus Birthday.

I know that doesn't mean much to us furs, but humans love Him a lot. I asked Mom why He is so special, and she said, because He is God's son. He came here to where we, and was born as a human baby. That seems funny to me. Humans do bad things, God calls sin, so Jesus said, "I'll go and be a human and  I will live as a human."  

I guess then when He grew big, He died on a cross, and took all that bad stuff with Him, so humans could be forgiven. If they take that free gift, and love Jesus, they get to live with Him forever! I don't know what forever is. Any way that makes Christmas special! So today, I snuggled with Daddy all day, does that count as forever?

The bestest thing ever was actually yesterday! I told you before I needed a new harness. Well yesterday, Daddy bought me a new one. It is beautious! I love it! It is not so tight, and it is PINK! Daddy didn't think I was a pink kind of girl...but I am! It has reflectors on it too, so at night in the light, people can see me coming! Mom says I walk very proud when it is on, because I know I'm looking good!

Then the night before that, my best friend from next door came over to play. His Mom had an emergency, and my Mom went over to his house to
let him out and give him treats. Well, she said he looked so sad, she brought him to my house so we could play for awhile! It was fun!

Yup, this Christmas time is so fun. I'm going to be a reallly good girl, so I can get maybe a new toy, and my favorite treats too!  Playing with Max, wearing my new harness, and eating treats is pretty awesome. I sure am glad Jesus was born. Mom says He loves we fur babies too! She showed me a picture of Him, and He was holding a baby sheep. Pretty cool, huh? Well that's all for now. Maybe I can talk to you again next week. Happy Christmas!