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Monday, December 8, 2014

It's O.K. to Say It!

Merry Christmas! Yes it is O.K. To say the words. Those who do not believe in Jesus or His word, seem to think the words are offensive. The simple truth is, He was and is today, real, He was born in human form to save humanity from separation from God, The Father because of sin, and Christmas would not exist without Him.

Now, if you choose not to believe that, that is between you and God, but why are you offended, because I believe. I may not agree with other beliefs, but I am not going to tell people they can't believe. I have always loved Christmas. The first Christmas I remember I was maybe four. We lived in Colorado, at the foot of a mountain range. My Daddy had a red and black plaid, wool jacket, and I was bundled up in a blue snow suit. Yes I was one of those kids, so bundle up, I could hardly walk. We were dressed to go up into the mountains, where my Daddy cut our Christmas tree. I doubt if they still allow people to do that today, but in the late 40s, it was accepted.

I especially liked the lights. At that time in my life, I loved snow. We always went to Church at 11:00 on Christmas Eve. I remember that same Christmas, when we walked out of Church it had been snowing. The street lights made the fresh snow glisten, and children still lifted their faces skyward, stuck out their tongue to catch snowflakes! It was always so incredibly quiet after a snow. The noises of the world were silenced for the moment.

In the first 30 some years, that's what Christmas was to me. Trees, lights, snow, and presents! I was a spoiled child, and I always got what I wanted for Christmas! There was baking cookies, making candy, trimming the house, presents, wrapping presents, Christmas music, and sending Christmas cards. That was Christmas to me. Our Chirch had a Christmas program, a manger scene, and Christmas Carols, yet the true meaning of Christmas eluded me.

When I gave my life to Jesus 30 some years ago, that changed. I have a personal relationship with that baby born so long ago. He truly is the reason for the season! He chose to be born in human form, so He could save my sinful life! Because of Him, I have been forgiven of my sin, and have a home in Heaven when I leave here. Suddenly Christmas has a whole better meaning. The trappings are still nice and enjoyable, but with my focus on Jesus, I have pared down the decorations, the busyness, and the money spent. As my husband John said so well, " Why do we give others presents, when it isn't their birthday?" He's right! It's Jesus Birthday! He deserves all my focus, my gifts of obedience, doing for others, and my time and talents. I have chosen to give me to Him to use as He chooses! I choose to say Merry Christmas.....And Happy Birthday Dear Jesus!