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Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Very Molly Christmas!

Wow! I don't know about your house, but ours is very different now. Mom says it's something called Christmas. Do you know what that is? Well I didn't either, but Mom explained it to me. First Mom cleaned really good (well, she always does, but this was extra). Then she put a lot of our stuff away in the storage closet, and now my rooms don't look like my rooms. 

Next she got out all this other stuff. There are
lighted Angels, red, gold, and white flowers, and lots of candles! Then she put up a tree with lights that change color. She even put a tree outside and a wreath, and a big pot with pine cones, and green things, and gold balls. A girl could (and did) get in trouble for trying to play with the balls, and the pine cones. I bring pine cones in all the time, and Mom lets me chew on them. The balls looked a lot like my tennis balls, so who knew? Mom just held up one finger, and I knew they weren't my toys.

The main decoration is a funny building, with lots of animals, and people wearing funny clothes. Mom said it was a manger scene. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but she said it was like a barn. It was a very long time ago, and it is where a baby was born. Mom said the baby was God's son, born in human form, so He could grow up on earth, get to know humans as a human, and then He died. I get sort of confused, but Mom said, humans are sinners. They do bad things God doesn't like. God can't look at sin, cause He is perfect.

God said, "I'll send my son, Jesus to earth, and He will be like the humans. He will die on a cross, and come back to life, and go back to Heaven." If people believe that, ask for forgiveness for the bad stuff, and turn their life over to Jesus, they go to Heaven when they die. I think it's kinda like our animal Rainbow Bridge. Those that accept what Jesus did, and follow Him, get to live with Him forever. Anyway, this manger scene is pretty cool. I like the sheep, and cows, and donkeys. There is even a doggy.   

My Mom says this time of year, people are nicer to each other. They sing special songs, and read about baby Jesus' birth in the Bible. People buy gifts for each other too. Does that include puppies? I sure hope so. I need a new toy, and a new harness, and more treats. Lots more treats! Please! I think I like this holiday called Christmas! We sit by the tree, and snuggle in our blankies. Humans say Merry Christmas to each other, so I will say to all my doggy friends and their Moms and Dads.....Merry Christmas, from Molly!