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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


No conversation ever got started without words. We can't talk, or write, or read without them. Words are some times very small, some are bigger. They have power, depending on how they are used. I am a wordsmith, which the dictionary defines as someone who works with words. A skillful writer. Now I do not claim to be especially skillful, but God gave me a love of words, and has blessed me with the gift of writing. From a very early age, I had lots of books. I am told, I held them upside down, and pretended to read. When I really learned to read, it always came very easy and my love grew. My first passion was the Nancy Drew Mystery series. I still have my collection. Words we read, words we hear can be a source of so much in our lives.

When you think about it, there are love words, hate words, funny words, and hurtful words. The words we say can be especially important. Reading words are selected by us, as to what we will read, and they may never go any further than inside our own heads. Words that come out of our mouth can be a whole other deal. Words can either encourage, or build someone up. They can bless someone, make someone feel loved, or make us happy. Words can also destroy, tear someone down, and make them feel unloved, hated, and hurt. I grew up with very little praise or acceptance for who I was. I was made fun of, put down, and told I would never amount to much of anything. Those words stayed with me, buried deep down inside for many, many years. They colored my world, my choices, and my actions. God has since taken those words away, and replaced them in my heart with love, understanding, and His words, and encouraging people in my life.

Everyone needs encouragement from time to time. We all need to know that we are important, and that we are worth more than jewels or gold. I now have many encouragers in my life, and I in turn am able to encourage others with my words. There is a childhood lyric that says, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me." I tell you that is not true! Those words in my childhood hurt then, and they still hurt until I dealt with it. Only now after over 60 years can I recall them and not feel so hurt it makes me cry. Words cut deep. No one sees the pain, but it is a pain straight to the heart, like no other. Words are very powerful both for good and for bad. The Bible tells us that the tongue is small but can be vicious.

Words that are funny stay with us a long time too. Also words that a person uses all the time, and is a part of who they are. My mother-in-law Mary was one who had many of those words. "Where are your shoes, put your coat on, you don't have socks on." Words from favorite comedies have always been something my husband John and I spout at each other often. One liners that struck us as funny stay with us. Children are often a great wealth of words that we either love to repeat to others, or we wish they had never said. One of our all time favorites may seem weird to others, but it is a family wordism we remember. My mother passed away and our oldest grandson was maybe 10. His mother, our daughter was horrified, but it was the release we all needed. The funeral director had warned us as we walked out beside the casket, not to trip on the cloth over the casket. Our dear grandson heard that, so he said, as a warning to all, "Dead Grandma, comin through!" It was a priceless moment, and those words will never be forgotten.

I love reading the words of others, and as an author and journalist, I have moments when I am pleased with my words. I love writing words. I love hearing encouraging, loving words, and words that make me feel special. God's words to me through His word are the best  ones to lift me up, and make my heart glad. He is the Master Wordsmith!  No matter what I may need to hear, it is in His word! Since words and us were originated with Him, I guess that should be no surprise. Let the words of my mouth bring you joy, love, encouragement, peace, and happiness. And if my words don't.....God's will!