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Thursday, February 27, 2014

For Love Of Molly

Most of my friends have fur friends. They are just as devoted to their fur friends as we are to Miss Molly. Are we all a little crazy....Maybe. I'm not sure we care; we just know our fur friends are family. They are there when we are sad. They are joyful when we take time to play, and they love us unconditionally. When we get ready to leave the house Molly puts on her sad, poor me face. She can look so pathetic, we feel guilty for daring to have a life away from her. Her demeanor when only one of us leaves is totally different. She's still sad, but she knows that one is staying with her. When we both get ready to head out, she cowers on the steps and milks that look for all she can. Now when we come home, she is ecstatic. She jumps and dances around, and can hardly contain the joy in her little body.

Dogs always know when we don't feel good. Molly snuggles especially close, and every so often she will look at whoever is not feeling well, as if to say, I'm here. It will be O.K.  She also knows when she has done something wrong. She is mostly very well behaved, but she does like to chew on sticks she brings in from outside, various pieces of trash, and sometimes fingers. When she knows she has gone too far, and we say her name sternly, she knows she did something that wasn't right. Last night she brought a pine branch in and chewed it up on the bed. The other day she went downstairs and brought up stairs the wooden boot puller we have by the door. It is a little heavy, but she got it upstairs. Of course she knew she was wrong to chew on it, so hasn't touched it since.

A lot of Facebook is also devoted to fur babies. Those that are lost, or hurt, or sick, are worried about, prayed for, and stories shared. If a friend loses a fur baby many respond with prayers, and sympathy. We have all been there, and we all know that pain. There is a huge community out there that posts about dogs that have been rescued, dogs that need fostering, and dogs that need forever homes. Not one of us questions our passion for our fur babies. We know God hears and answers our prayers, and we know our friends love their dogs, and all other dogs as much as we love Molly. There are almost as many pictures of our fur friends on Facebook as of our grandchildren. 

I would love to know what Molly is thinking sometimes. She is such a busy, inquisitive little soul. On walks, she is here, there and everywhere. She hears noises that either scare her, or distract her. She constantly looks back at me, as though to say, are you still there, Mom? She likes to see people and other dogs. Max lives next door, and they get excited when they see each other. When it gets warmer, they can play more often. We have been walking further when the weather allows. Molly loves to walk around her new turf. I am sure she is convinced it is all hers. There are times in a day when Molly runs up to wherever I am, and looks at me, almost excited, almost anticipating. It is then I ask, "do you have to go outside?" She jumps up and down, and the look on her face, says, "I thought you'd never ask!"
I love watching her sleep. Sometimes she moves her feet, and I swear she is chasing something in her dreams. Sometimes she snuggles her wolf, and sometimes she chews on his Jose in her sleep. The best look of all is when she wakes herself up, and looks at us, like she doesn't know why she is awake. That cute confused look soon melts away, as she sinks once more into sleep. 

When we lost Samson last spring, we didn't think we could ever love another fur baby as much. Molly changed that. It is not unlike children. You love them equally but differently. Samson was a lot like Molly in some Terrier ways, but they are different personalities, and each have their own little stamp on our hearts. Samson never liked the vacuum, but he would just leave the room. Molly attacks it, and tries to bite it. Samson loved dry dog food, Molly won't eat it. Things in common, playing ball, walks, other dogs, and sleeping under the covers at night.  One thing that will always be true, is that our fur babies are family, and life without them is a little more lonely, a little more empty, and with a lot less licks. Molly is our focus, and our life with her is filled with joy.