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Thursday, June 4, 2015

One Of Life's Treasures!

Marriage is a treasure. It was God's plan from the beginning, that one man(Adam) and one woman (Eve) would be joined together for life. I'm not trying to be insensitive, or judgemental, but God's word clearly tells me He did not put Adam with Bill, or Eve with Jane. With that said, marriage is a treasure for life. 

You would probably agree that married life has it's ups and downs. You would agree that making a good marriage takes work. You have probably heard that marriage is a 50/50 proposition. That is not true. Marriage is 100/100 %. Are you living out your wedding vows? I am. 

For better or worse. What does that mean to you? To me it means some days I am not so nice. I get tired, pain flares, and suddenly, the
day is all about me at my worst. When that happens, my husband is called to be sympathetic, understanding, and loving. Husbands have bad days too. Frustrated, overworked, dealing with his own pain, he too needs understanding and love. Easy? No, it isn't. What if both you and your spouse have the same bad day? That's when one or the other chooses to let go of self for the sake of the other.

For better or worse. When one of you makes a mistake, or hurts the other's feelings, or one messes up the finances that's when your spouse forgives and forgets. This one needs to be in large supply, because as humans we mess up a lot. We need each other's forgiveness even when the injured party doesn't feel like it.

For richer or poorer. You will experience both aspects in married life. This is usually the cause of many arguments. In rich times it's easy to get along. You buy things, you go places, and life is hassle free where money is concerned. It is also easy to slip into lean times. Times when money is short. Tempers can flare and our favorite game comes into play, the "Blame Game." You will find that the love you have for each other doesn't change whether you have money or not. I learned that the hard way. Money problems have to be shared in the good and the lean. I messed up over and over. To avoid confrontation, which I am lousy at, I hid the mess, and I lied about it. I am blessed with a husband who forgave me and then did all he could to help me change, so I could do it God's way. Sharing even the bad is better than doing things alone.

In sickness or in health. I don't know about you, but I take great comfort in having my husband near when I am sick. He may not be able to do anything, but he is there. We have both seen each other through surgeries, sickness, and hospital stays. In April this year, my husband had major surgery. After a week in the hospital he had to go to a rehab facility. I spent every day with him, doing what I could for him, even though the days were long, and I was concerned about him. It was hard, and totally wore me down, but I was glad to do it, and I know he would do the same for me.

That's what married couples do for each other. When one is weak, the other is strong. It is commitment till death us do part. You may have reached this point of living and working together as one. If not, I am sorry. If you have, enjoy every day as the couple God intended you to be.

When my husband was in rehab, I had a chance to watch other couples. Like us, they were older, and had walked this road for many years. Like us they spent their days together, while one regained strength. That struck me as a beautiful picture of a marriage. Spouses helping their mate eat, sitting in therapy cheering from the sidelines, or pushing a wheel chair.  I watched these couples, and wherever they went, they went hand in hand! They were comfortable together, regardless of their situation. They had weathered the storms of life, with all the ups and downs, and ins and outs. They had a wonderful treasure of lifelong love. They completed each other....they were one!