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Monday, June 22, 2015

Memories In My Mind!

Sometimes God plants memories in my mind for no reason. I'm not sure what sets them off, but sometimes it's nice to just reflect on them. Today's memory....High School. Starting High School is one of the big events in your life. It can be a combination of exciting and scary. It's exciting because you are getting older, and much smarter than when you were just a kid. Scary, because you are thrown into a whole new world outside your comfort zone.

I was a very insecure girl because I felt like everyone else was prettier, smarter, and cooler than I was. I was short, my nose was too big, and I had not learned to love me. I knew my friends from Junior High would be there, but so many new faces to meet. What if no one liked me, what if I had no friends. What if the studies were too hard, and I flunked? After a few weeks, I found my niche.

I found joy in English class, History was always an adventure, and Math and Science still held terror. Geometry was the worst. My Dad spent hours trying to explain it to me. My teacher spent time after school trying to show me what it all meant. Nothing helped, but I finally passed with a D. It was the extracurricular things that made me happy. I tried out for Choir, and got in. Mr. Larson was a great teacher. Our choir even went on choir tours to sing out of town, and even out of state. 

We traveled by bus, and stayed in hotels (well chaperoned), and did concerts in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. We sang at several prisons, Churches, and other High Schools it was especially fun to be away from school, and parents. Then if your boyfriend happened to be in choir too, even better.

As a senior, I was also in our Centrallettes. This was a precision dance team for sports events. It was a long and exacting tryout, but once in, I had fun, except for the 7:00 a.m. practice times. Some Football half times were also very cold as October and November rolled around. The Homecoming Game parade downtown was also nippy, for the outfits we wore. Wouldn't have traded it for anything.

Of course there were parties, and dances, after all we were a rock and roll generation. Parties were snacks, records, and maybe kissing. It was 1959 and 1960, so very mild compared to today. I remember having fun, and being in love, and being part of a group that liked me for me. The other thing that was a huge deal was the Musicals our school did every year. We did, Pajama Game, Damn Yankees, and Guys And Dolls. I remember the costumes, rehearsals, makeup, and the cast parties after. If you have been there you know how exciting that all is.

I also remember the downfalls that followed me through high school. I never was bad, but could never seem to get home from dates on time. My parents were always waiting up for me. I didn't
understand why they couldn't just go to sleep. As a result, I spent about every other week grounded. I remember the last week of being a senior, a group of we girls skipped school to go to the sand dunes across into South Dakota. We laid on the sand by the water all day. How we thought we could disguise our sunburns the next day in school I don't know. I don't remember really getting in trouble for that, but maybe that's a rememberance I blocked out.

We were the 50s generation with our Capri pants, angora sweaters, pony tails, loafers, and  Bobby Darin, Sandra Dee, A Summer Place, Elvis, and Ricky Nelson. On Friday nights we had Football games, or Basketball games. In the summer, we had summer jobs, and cruising up and down the same streets. Shouting out the windows at our friends in their cars. Occasionally we would decide to TP someone's house. Those nights were fun and we had fun without being destructive.

What do you remember about your High School days? It was still a time of innocence, of wonder, and exploring new things. 
 I look back and wish I had made a mark on that past, but I was too was all about me, and my friends, and what was popular. We made it through, and now relive memories at Class Reunions. This year will be our 54th Reunion. Several years ago, after the 50th, one of our class mates got all our emails, and now when one of the class of 1961 passes away, we are all notified. That starts a barrage of emails from everyone with memories. It is nice to still be connected even though we see each other rarely. Those days are done, but if you have fond memories of those days, they will live on.