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Friday, June 19, 2015

From April To June!

Hi! It's me again, Molly May. Spring at our house was really different. In April my Daddy went with Mom one morning, and he didn't come home with her. When Mom came home very late that night, she was so tired, and she tried to explain, but I am just a doggy.  I wasn't sure what she was telling me. 

Every day she left early and came home late, but Daddy still wasn't with her. I felt bad, cause I thought maybe he was never coming home. I tried to be brave, and I tried to understand, but I am just a doggy. I do know I missed him a lot! He's a good Daddy. Well I adjusted to our new plan, eating dinner late, taking walks late, and shorter walks, cause Daddy doesn't want us out far from home after dark. Then snuggle time. Oh my! I knew I could snuggle with Mom, but I kept laying on Daddy's side of the bed.
After all, I had to protect Mom. 

I barked a warning at every sound. I stayed awake very long, so Mom would be safe. That's hard for a doggy who needs her rest!  After a week, things got a little better. Mom got home sooner, and I got my long walks. Whew! What a relief! Mom was happier too, but I still missed my Daddy. Mom said he was at a place to help him get better. Then one day, she came home after lunch, and took me with her in the car! I was scared, cause I didn't know where we were going. Cars can be fun, but they could also be Doggy doctor, or nail trims. 

We pulled up to a beautious building, and went inside. People said "Hello, Doggy." We got on an elevator, which is a little scary, and went up. We walked down a short hall, and into a room, and guess what? There on the bed was MY DADDY!  Yippee Skippee, I was so glad. I jumped up and gave him kisses! He rubbed my belly, and once I knew he was o.k. I wanted to explore. It was so fun!

I visited him another time, and then the day came when Daddy walked in our door, and he was home! He was home for two whole weeks, and it was happy happy time! Now he is back to work. Mom and Dad leave me sometimes, but that's o.k. Cause things are normal again! Now it's June, and those days in April, May, and June turned out alright. I like it when we are all together and I am glad I didn't forget my Daddy even if he was gone so long! Love to you all, Molly