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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Heart, My JESUS!

What makes you smile? What makes your heart sing? In my life, which has been going on for quite awhile now, there have been many things. Oh, it hasn't all been happy, and smiley, but there is so much joy, even in little things. I prefer to focus on the happy!

As far back as I can remember, I found joy in simple things. I guess I am one of those "glass is half full" kind of people. On a cloudy day, I am not sad the sun is hiding. On a cold day, I am grateful to stay in, and if it is blistering hot, a slight breeze is a blessing. 

I find great joy in babies, puppies, and my family. Even if we don't always agree, they are my family! I love the way God paints sunsets and sunrises, and His trees and flowers are unique and beautiful each in their own way. Music makes me smile! I love all kinds, whether country, classical, 50s, Cajun, or Gospel. I love music that speaks to me with words and melody.

The greates joy is My JESUS! Yes, He is mine, my friend, my teacher, my Savior! His love for me brings a smile to my face and a joy to my heart like nothing else! He has taught me so much, since I accepted Him as my personal Savior! Through His word, in prayer, and with His other children, I learn more about Him! I know His character, and I have learned about my character.

I never knew how much crud I had in my life, or how fragmented I was, until JESUS began to show me, step by step. I am learning that those that hurt me, had their own hurts. They really had no idea how they were affecting me, because they didn't understand their own issues. I have learned finally to forgive. I have learned that their perception of me, was not what God saw.

I am worthy, I am loveable, and I do have a purpose. My Jesus knew me before my parents even met. He knew the little insecure girl would need Him in her life to become what He planned her to be all along. I grew up feeling insecure, feeling like a failure in everything because I didn't measure up, but JESUS saw me as His Princess, His daughter, the Apple of His eye! And that makes me smile.....That makes my heart sing!  How about you?