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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Quote Scripture Or Live Scripture?

It is easy to quote scripture, or wise words, but another thing to live it out . I might be able to do it for a day or two, but for always? Not so much. What does it take to live what God's word says? First and most important, I need to know Jesus personally. He needs to be my very best friend, and He needs to be the final authority on where my life goes, and how it should look. 

When I made Him The Lord of my life 30 some years ago, He forgave me, He brought me into His family, and He said He would never leave me! I have left Him, many times, because I thought I was so smart. I had a better plan, He was too slow, or I just didn't want to do what He wanted. Been there? We all have. God is so patient, so kind, so merciful, I can picture Him shaking His head, at me, smiling, and setting me back on track. 

Those visions of course make Him seem more human, where in reality He is so much bigger than that. He is God, magnificent, mighty, and my salvation!  His word is absolute truth, and if I follow it, He will make my daily life match what His word says. Key word here, being He enables me. On my own, I am a disaster waiting to happen, or already there!

Interesting fact, when He disciplines me, I really hate it, like any child will. Then as God reaches into my heart, through His word, or wise council, I begin to see things His way. I have learned that His way is beautiful. What I thought was a good plan, was not, and what He wanted was perfect, for me and those around me. Like Johah, I try my best to run, hide, say no, but believe me, God really does know best. He knows what I need , and what I need to change.

When I "get it" it changes me, grows me, and I move closer to Jesus! As I get older, I am a little more willing to listen and do sooner than I used to. I still don't always like to be reproved, but it is for my best. I am blessed to have my husband John, as the spiritual leader in our home. He is also a pastor,
and I learn from his leadership often. The senior pastor at our Church is also a Godly man who is not afraid to tell us all exactly what God wants, and what His word says. These and other Godly friends are my backup, my go to for guidance.

Do I still have trouble living out Scripture? Of course, I am human, I am a sinner, I still have skin on. I am not going to stop trying, learning, studying. I will continue to ask forgiveness when I mess up, I will keep on loving Jesus, and I will try to listen sooner, wiser, and put self behind me. I will remember that "With God all things are possible!"