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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Molly Moments

Mom said I could do this one. I know, I'm just a fur girl, but I just wanted you all to know some things I thought about. Mom gets lots of things on something called Face book about doggies that don't have homes. It makes me sad. Sometimes she cries because these doggies aren't treated very nice by their humans. 

Mom says she doesn't know how humans can be so mean to a fur baby. You know what? I don't either. Me and my doggy friends are really lucky to have our humans. We like to spoil them with waggy tails, kisses, and we even let them play with our toys. 

Maybe some humans just don't understand us. When we are puppies, we have an awful lot to learn. We have to learn where to go potty, what not to chew on, and how to understand what our humans want. Some of us "get it" right away but some of us are a little slower. Please be patient. We don't ever mean to do wrong, we are just learning.

Please don't hit us, or yell, because that really scares us. When I am naughty, Mom and Dad, raise one finger at me, and I know that means I did a wrong thing. When our humans are nice, and loving, we will do anything to make them happy. Please remember we have feelings, and sometimes we get sick, and we are always hungry and thirsty, so please don't make us go without food and water. Treats are always good too. My personal favorite is my Bully Stick, and the duck, sweet potatoe sticks.

We fur babies think of ourselves as your family. You are our pack, and you are everything to us. We are not born mean! Some humans teach us that. The fur babies get in trouble, the humans don't. Sometimes when I am scared, or someone comes at me too fast, I growl, just a little, but I would never hurt them. 

One more thing, if humans can't keep giving us a home, please don't just leave us, or dump us in a shelter. Please care enough to find us another loving home. Do you know how scared and sad doggies are that just get left by the only family they have ever known? When we get old, please take care of us. We get sick, and it's harder for us to move around. We may not see as well, and we may not hear, and then we need you more than ever. When it is time for us to leave you for that Rainbow Bridge, please be with us. Mom and Dad held my brother Samson when he had to leave. Then they got me. 

Last of all, I don't know God, but I see Mom and Dad reading about Him, I hear them talk to Him, and on one day of the week (Sunday, I think), they are gone half the day. I know that because of God, I was created, and He gave them to me. I am a lucky dog! And you know what Mom told me?  God spelled backwards is.....Dog! That's just awesome! I think He planned it that way!