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Friday, September 26, 2014

Simply Amazing!

Do you have days when the joy inside just bubbles up, inside your soul? If you are a believer, and follower of Jesus, you have had days like that! For me it is a joy like no other. It doesn't come from material things, or other people, money, or explainable things.

Usually this joy comes out of nothing in particular. It is most likely on a day when God has shown me my blessings, one by one! It can be triggered by loved ones, or answered prayers, a sunny, blue sky day, or by nothing at all.  It is all about the Love my Jesus has for me!

You see, when I am filled with joy, I realize that this child, filled with sin, is a loved and cherished child of God. He loved me before I existed. He loved me before I knew Him. He loved me before I came to a belief in Him! It is illogical to someone who does not know Him. They do not understand the joy either.

Joy, an emotion for well-being. Can that co-exist with heartache, pain, disaster, or being at the very bottom, emotionally?  Can Joy be present when your world is falling around your feet in pieces? Does joy live where nothing is going right? Yes, the joy of The Lord can. I never understood that when I was living for me, apart from God. There were days when joy was a stranger.

If you are devastated, overwhelmed, sad, lonely, hungry,homeless, hopeless, how do you have joy? The Bible tells us in John 14:27, not as the world peace, but Christ. The world, or those who don't have that relationship with Jesus, look at things from a world view. The world says joy and suffering do not go together. Psalm 100 is a Psalm of Joy.

If you have trusted Jesus as your Savior, asked Him to be The Lord of your life, you can be sure you will be in Heaven when He takes you from this world. That is the basis for my joy in all things. Do I like trouble, pain, or bad days? Of course not, but I can still be joyful. I don't know where the joy comes from, but it is real, and it is sweet. It makes me content, it makes me happy, and it makes me want to laugh out loud! 

Today it was answered prayers, good friends, and beautiful Fall weather! Tomorrow....who knows?
Tomorrow may be a terrible, no good day, but I will still have my joy! My joy is deep within my being, because Jesus loves me, and He cares about me! My prayer is for you to have and know that same joy! Believe me it is like no other joy!