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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Molly's Manor

It's me, Molly. I am having so much fun at my new house! I told you the moving part was a little scary, but once Mom and Dad got everything here and put away, it was O.K. We have lots more room for a girl to run around. Sometimes I like to sit in the sun, sometimes I lay on the bed, and sometimes I go downstairs, and sit on a step  just to keep watch.  When Mom and Dad are home I still like Daddy's lap best. I love going for walks here. We can go up the hill and all the way around before we come home. Sometimes we just go up the other hill, around the pool, and back home. Mom says it is Spring. That means it isn't as cold, and there are birds and squirrels to chase. Mom said not to chase the robins, but it is so fun, I do it anyway. 

I have new friends here too. Tommy lives up the long hill. He is a Dachshund. Then there is Missy across the street. She's gray and white, and fluffy. Her Mom says she's old and grumpy. Today she barked and barked at me, but I just ran up to her and tried to get her to play. She almost did, and we touched noses. Then there is a black Lab up the street. Her name is Little, but she really isn't. She likes me, but she isn't outside very much. My very bestest friend is Max. He lives right next door. When I hear his Mom open her garage door, I know in a minute or two he will come outside. I beg Mom to take me out so I can see him. We run around his yard. The other night Max and his Mom came over to visit. We got to run all over the house and play. It was so fun!  Then Max found my rawhide stick, and he was going to keep it.  Daddy got it and put it up high so neither of us could get it. Daddy got one of my extra tennis balls and gave that to Max. He got to take it home with him.

Now that it is warmer, we get to sit outside a lot too. One day Mom took me for a long, long walk. We went a different way than we normally do, and it was pretty fun.....until.....all of a sudden I was not seeing or smelling familiar things. Mom stopped several times, but we kept walking. I kept looking back at Mom, trying to figure all this out. It seems we took a wrong turn, and we weren't in our hood any more. Mom had to call Dad, and he came and found us, and took us home. Boy a lot of people had fun teasing Mom about getting lost. I was very glad to be back home.  One thing I don't like is the rake. It has teeth like things that I try to bite. Then Mom gets the broom, and I try to bite it too. It seems when it is windy, all the old leaves, and pine needles blow onto our front porch. Well being outside more, we get lots of fresh air, and then I get sleepy. When we sit in bed later and watch the news, I hold my wolf, and chew on his nose. That's when my eyes start to close, and I fall asleep. Yup, I love my new home, and my Mom and Dad make it even better!