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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

No Whispers, Please!

Tolerance appears to be a benign way to get along with people who are different. We hear every day that we must be tolerant. What does that even mean? Tolerance means to recognize and respect others beliefs and practices without agreeing. In our schools today, your children are taught about alternate life styles, and that the world just evolved. The Bible is untrue, and there is no need for the Pledge of Allegiance. Christian parents who object are called intolerant.

In today's world, tolerance means something very different. The new tolerance includes every belief, value, life style, and truth as being equally valid. People have a right to their beliefs, and all beliefs are equal. We have gone beyond respecting others' rights. Now we also have to endorse and embrace their beliefs and life styles.

If we Christians speak up against un-Biblical truth, we are the intolerant ones. It is getting worse, and the day is coming when our freedom of choice will be denied completely. Many today cry, "Hate Crime!" They want those who don't agree with them to be punished by law. Christians speaking God's Holy Word, especially on unpopular messages, are labeled judgemental.

I find it interesting that those judging us are never judged. Christians today are the only group without religious rights. We are seen by unbelievers as offensive. They want all symbols of Christianity destroyed, or at least out of sight, because someone, somewhere, somehow is offended. According to God's word, this situation will only get worse.

We believe we can embrace and love all people, but not all beliefs. We Christians truly do love you with God's love, but we can not, and will not love your sin. We hate our own sin when it is shown to us by the Holy Spirit, so why would yours be any different? Anything against God's teaching is sin. The new tolerance teaches that I have to agree with your beliefs, no matter what. If I speak out in disagreement, I must hate you.

Judges 21:25 says, "Know this first of all that in the last days, mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own truths." When God is removed from life and society, there are no guidelines left, other than what each individual thinks. We are being asked to accept out and out sin! No one even considers we might be offended.

We need to wake up and continue to stand against those trying to tear down all we believe. Christians today are the new martyrs for the faith. We have to raise our voices! No more whispering. In America now, the minority rules. They oppose God, His word, and they oppose all that is decent  and right. They are yelling, so all will hear. We, the majority of Christians are whispering.

God is making me bolder, and I have taken my stand for my Lord and Savior, Jesus. I will love you, but I will defend what is right according to The Bible! You can not pick and choose what part of  God's word you will follow. And you can not decide to ignore what goes against your fun. Without God's standards, our best efforts in life will fail!  If you are wanting my approval for your sin, just so I can be deemed tolerant.....I will shout out my faith based on God's Holy Word......I will not whisper!