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Monday, March 17, 2014

What Now?

How often do we help lead someone into a personal relationship with Jesus, then pat ourselves on the back, and walk away. We praise God for using us, and then how often do we check on our new brother or sister in Christ? Taking that first step in turning our life over to Jesus, and being forgiven, is just that...the first step. Many times a new believer needs us to come along side, because this may be a whole new world that can be confusing. I always remember my husband John telling me about his brother. He may have been around 10, and came running home from either a  Church youth group or Sunday School. "I've been saved, I've been saved!"He shouted. When their mother asked him what he had been saved from, he answered, "I don't know." 

If we are blessed enough to be used by God to lead someone to Christ, we need to remember follow-up is so important. We believers who have been walking with Jesus for some time forget that this was once a strange new world for us too. I was blessed to have a sister-in-law who prayed with me, for me, and talked to me for several days before we left her house in Arizona. She helped me understand more of what my choice meant, and gave me books to take home to read. I also had a husband who was a believer, so he was there when I got confused. The two major things that were Vital were a Bible with study notes that I could understand, and a Bible believing  Church.

Mostly new believers need to know that someone is there, if they have questions. They need to be assured that God will lead them where they need to go, as He grows them Dailey in their walk with Him. We had an awesome Pastor who let me call him anytime if I had a question, or didn't understand something. He was a great encourager, and always led me to scripture I needed to reinforce my walk. New believers may sometimes need to be reminded that it is O.K. To call their pastor, Bible study leader, or other friends with anything they question. 

Prayers are vital. We all need prayer, but a phone call every so often with a new believer can be a great contact. When you call to see how things are going, and ask if you can pray with them,and you have let them know they are part of a family now. A family that will always be there with encouragement, prayers, and unconditional love. If you have a good book that helped you, share it. If you have a CD of Praise and Worship, share it. Don't just tell them to find a Church....offer to take them with you to yours. It may not be where God wants them, but it will help t
hem visit other churches until they find a good fit for them. The main thing is to be there for them. Mentor them, pray with and for them, take an interest in their lives. They in turn will be able to grow in Christ, and then they will be able to be there for someone else.  In all we do, whether planting seeds, ministering to a new believer, leading someone to choose Christ, it is never is all Jesus! It is the Holy Spirit that allows a heart to be open and ready to receive the word and accept it. It is us being open to being used! We can take no credit, but we can be the one God uses, and we can be someone's .....what Now!