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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Swinging Into Spring!

Weather in Nebraska is never boring. Springtime false starts at least ten times before true spring settles in.Spring is a time of new life, new hope, and new dreams! Spring has always been special for me because I love the sights, sounds, and smells that are so inviting after a long, cold winter. It was also in the spring, 14 years ago, that God took me on the journey that found my birth family for me! That was the new life for me. Early Spring 30 years ago, God gave me the ultimate new life, when He got my attention so I would turn my life over to Him! That gave me the new hope of eternal life with Him when I die. Before that I did not have that hope, now I have God's assurance because I am His.

I love the smell of the wet earth after the first rain of Spring. I love the smell of rain. Now the early morning is different from Winter. Yes, it is warmer, but the light is different, the air is fresher, and birds are calling to each other. New tulips and irises are just beginning to poke their heads above ground. The grass is slowly losing it's brown winter coat, and exchanging it for Spring green. It brings to mind a favorite silly rhyme by Nigel Rees. " Spring iz Sprung, the grass iz riz. I wonder where the flowers iz."
March is notorious for wind in the spring. I personally don't like wind, but I think God sends the spring winds to blow the cobwebs of winter away! 

The warmer rays of the sun are so welcome after a long winter. It is a joy to lift my face up to those rays, and feel their warmth. From there I can see the incredible blue sky that says Spring. The first rains wash the dirt of winter away. Yesterday our association that our neighborhood is part of sent men to clean our streets and curbs. All
the sand and debris of winter was swept away, and today the rain finished the cleaning process. Stores start stocking mulch, potting soil, flowers, pots, and garden supplies. I so want to get my hands in the dirt, and get things planted. I have seeds and dirt and small pots to start the growing indoors. That will have to satisfy until it is a little warmer. 

It is fun to see squirrels again, baby bunnies, and of course all the birds. Crows are cawing, robins are mating, cardinals are calling from the trees, and a woodpecker is busy doing what woodpeckers do! That's why it is so fun to walk our Molly in the Spring. There is a never ending display of God's world, and God's rebirth of springtime in plants, animals, and weather. God's handy work is so amazing. Everything has a time, and a purpose, and it all fits within His time frame. God sent His son to give us a new birth, if we accept it. Yes, it was Spring, at the time of Passover, that Jesus gave His life on a cross for our sins, past, present, and future.  Jesus triumphed over death, and arose to full life. Talk about New Life, New Hope, New creation!  Spring is my time of year. It was my new birth twice, and the hope I have for eternity made me a new creation in Christ! Yes....Spring has Sprung!